September 29, 2018

How To Increase/ Maximize/ Extend Battery Life Of Laptop (Dell/HP/Lenovo)

For many of us, our laptop is an indispensable part of our lives and is carried to work and back every day. However, nearly everyone knows the frustration of needing to do three or four hours’ worth of work and only having an hour’s worth of battery life left without a charger in sight! There are some ways to prolong the life of a laptop’s battery, especially if your laptop is one of the new sleek and simple design, yet exceptionally powerful modern laptops, such as the new range of Samsung laptops.

Latest: Keeping 2018 latest update in mind, one can first of dim the screen brightness. Further, using Power Settings, the laptop can be switched over to power saver mode. There are broadband connection users who don’t go for Wifi or Bluetooth, thus those can be disabled. Besides, unnecessary peripherals can be disconnected and laptops need not be left out for permanent charging. Getting a second battery is another option. At last, after switching to internal graphics, candidates should manage their memory or buy a new battery. Ejecting non-usable disc drives is another option and candidates can also invest in some hardware.

How To Increase/ Maximize/ Extend Battery Life Of Laptop (Dell/HP/Lenovo)

Reduce Screen Brightness:

From a purely physical point of view, the biggest power draw on a laptop is the screen display. Reduce the brightness of the screen to the lowest level that you can comfortably work at. Do not sacrifice your eyes for the sake of an extra half-an-hour of battery life, but do reduce the screen brightness as much as you feel able to.

Reduce Sound and use Headphones:

When watching videos or listening to music on your laptop reduces the sound as much as possible, even if you are using headphones. Not only does this conserve your battery, but it can also protect your hearing too!

Turn Off Wifi and Bluetooth:

The software can play a part in draining battery levels, and the worst offender is Wi-Fi. Modern laptops are designed to hunt around for Wi-Fi signals and can use an inordinate amount of battery power to do so. If you are traveling from home to work or vice versa and do not need to be connected to the Internet, then disable the Wi-Fi acquisition feature for the journey. This will prevent your laptop from hunting for access points that you have no intention of using anyway!

Remove USB and CD’s when not in use:

If you are working during your commute to and from the office, try not to keep USB devices connected for long. Flash drives, optical CD drives, and even USB mice can all drain power from a laptop, so plug them in, transfer information or do the tasks you need to, and then remove them as soon as you are finished. (It is not advised to try and use optical disc drives while traveling anyway, a sudden bump or jolt can damage the mechanism.)How To Increase/ Maximize/ Extend Battery Life Of Laptop

Close Unwanted Applications which are not in Use:

If you open multiple windows in your browser or if you are using multiple software at a time then more power will be consumed from the battery. Close unwanted programs in use, this will increase the battery lifespan (How To Increase/ Maximize/ Extend Battery Life Of Laptop (Dell/HP/Lenovo)).

Unplug the Charging when Battery is full:

Charge your battery until it’s full and once its full unplug the charging and use it until up to 80% then again recharge it.

Reduce the number of Startup Programs:

Reducing the number of startup programs not only increases your battery life but also increases the speed of your computer.

Go to run then type msconfig and there you can manage the start up programs.

Replace your Old Battery with a new one:

Finally, if your battery is over two years old, it may simply be getting old. Speak to the manufacturer about purchasing replacement batteries and ask if they offer long-lasting replacement batteries that hold a longer, stronger charge than the original one. Laptops are there for our convenience and to be used, but with a little care and attention, your battery can last much longer, giving you a great user experience!
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