October 24, 2021

A Host Of Festive Offers On Your Favorite Screen Touch Watches

Screen touch watches, also known as smartwatches, are the future of horology. The wristwatch industry is undergoing a transformation similar to that witnessed in the mobile phone industry with the advent of smartphones. Just like smartphones, smartwatches also feature touch screens for ease of usage. More and more people are switching to smartwatches as they offer a wide range of features pertaining to convenience, fitness, and wellbeing. With technology enabling fast internet speeds and the Internet of Things (IoT), the world is rapidly moving towards smart, connected devices.

Today, you can use your phone to control all your smart devices such as smartwatches, smart TVs, and smart home devices such as lights and air conditioners. Screen touch watches entail a plethora of benefits for various kinds of users. Additionally, these smartwatches also lend you a modern aesthetic, making them the perfect fashion accessories. Take, for example, the range of Garmin smartwatches. Garmin smartwatches are curated for connoisseurs of design who appreciate the finer details of design elements. Thus, it is a common sight to find every other person donning a smartwatch these days, especially in urban cities. Let us find out how you can choose the best screen touch watch for yourself and your loved ones and purchase it at the lowest prices.

Types and Features of Screen Touch Watches

Modern screen touch watches come packed with a host of advanced features ranging from activity tracking to smartphone notifications display. Furthermore, there are exclusive smartwatches designed for specific uses. These include fitness-based smartwatches, which are used to track your activity level and performance while engaging in a variety of activities and sports. Fitbit smartwatches are the premier examples of fitness smartwatches. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch provides a wide array of metrics such as workout intensity map, active zone minutes, various exercise modes, and breathing rate, among others. Smartwatch brands also offer screen touch watches focused on health. These provide data on vital health stats such as ECG, blood pressure, menstrual health tracking, stress management score, temperature scanner, oxygen saturation, and heart rate, to name a few. The GOQii Smart Vital is one of the most popular health-focused screen touch watches in India.

On the other hand, some smartwatches are curated for enthusiasts of a particular sport. For instance, the Garmin Golf smartwatch is the perfect companion for golfers around the world. This screen touch watch is loaded with innovative features that allow you to practice your swing, understand the course, view map data and predict shot strategy based on wind speed and wind direction. You can also opt for lifestyle fashion smartwatches, which are all-rounder devices designed to make a fashion statement. These are versatile screen touch watches as they can be worn in almost any setting including workplaces, parties, and leisurely outings. Garmin smartwatches are the perfect examples of this category.

The Rising Accessibility of Screen Touch Watches

One of the major reasons behind the mushrooming popularity of screen touch watches is their increasing accessibility. Initially, smartwatches were considered as a niche product with exorbitant prices. Thus, only a few individuals could afford them. With time, however, things changed for the better. More and more brands entered the smartwatch space, resulting in a larger number of options. Additionally, several brands started offering affordable screen touch watches, which made them accessible to an increasingly larger number of individuals.

Today, you can purchase a screen touch watch online ranging from a budget-friendly model priced at 4,000 INR to a premium model with a price tag of over 64,000 INR. Nevertheless, you can save up on the purchase of your favorite smartwatch, thanks to the phenomenal offers available during the current festive season. Let’s find out how you can do that.

Get the Best Deals on Your Screen Touch Watches

With the festive season starting in India, several brands and stores are offering lucrative discounts and offer on-screen touch watches. To avail of some of the leading offers, look no further than the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. With the Big Navratri Savings sale live on the EMI Store from 3rd to 15th October, you can purchase your preferred screen touch watch at unbelievable prices. The EMI Store extends a cashback voucher up to 5,000 INR. Thus, you can enjoy up to 30% cashback as a gift voucher.

Additionally, you can avail of the No Cost EMI offer on a wide selection of products. This allows you to pay for your screen touch watch in easy, customizable installments. The highlight of this offer is that you don’t have to pay any interest on your EMIs. You can also get your smartwatch delivered to your home without paying a single penny, thanks to the zero-down payment facility available on select models. Log on to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to benefit from the festive season offerings.

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