May 7, 2020

Advanced SEO optimization techniques that help to get the most from WordPress

The main attraction of WordPress websites is that most themes are SEO friendly for launching the SEO campaign right from the start. However, the default SEO features are just basic, and you need to enhance it in the subsequent stages to align the campaign with your marketing goals and, most importantly, do everything that your competition demands. Doing something more or doing things differently will put your campaign on the right track and help to stay competitive and you must put in your best efforts to create a highly effective campaign.

To know what would be right for you, research what your competitors are doing and how they are optimizing things on the website and beyond it. In the next step, you should follow a set of optimization measures that revolve around keyword research, on-page keyword optimization, competitor and keyword gap analysis, entity research, keyword targeting, meta descriptions, title tags, image optimization, internal links and optimization of all content pages. Optimize the content on the home page, about us page, contact page, products/ services page, resource page, and anything else relevant to your industry. Ensure the proper semantic structure of the code, and the code should not be too long to avoid overshadowing the content.

All the above are fundamental optimization that everyone does as part of affordable SEO. But to take your game to the next level,

You must do the following advanced WordPress optimization:

Conversion tracking by using UTM parameters

Lack of data or even having the wrong data is a marketer’s nightmare. To ensure that you do not face the problem of incorrect data, you must use UTM parameters in your links used exclusively for advertising. The use of UTM parameters becomes necessary if you use any links on social media or URLs at some other places with an advertising campaign or SEO attached. The sources of traffic remain unknown from the data mulled by Google Analytics, which prevents specific assessment of your organic traffic. Instead, you must base your SEO recommendations on assumptions that can be dangerous. You can change this by using Google’s Campaign URL builder that provides granular data, which helps to keep tabs on your audience.

Fix crawling and indexing issues with duplicate content

Although the effect of fixing duplicate content might appear very basic, it is not all that basic. Fixing duplicate content on a big website that runs into several pages can be a big issue that only very experienced SEO experts can tackle. The best away is to audit the site for duplicate content. Carrying out a content audit on-site and off-site to find duplicate content and a technical audit to determine how the content is leading to issues that make you suffer should be the way to go forward.

Tags and archive pages, No-index categories in WordPress

These types of pages can create major problems for WordPress sites if not optimized in the right way. Having a look at the indexed pages by searching on Google using the site, operator, and domain name should give you a good idea about the state of indexing. Compare the page with the results of the audit as well as with the Google Search Console Pages. The more is the disparity between the numbers and the actual pages; bigger is the issue of duplicate content and indexation.

The probable causes could be that a search plugin is behaving erratically and publishing a URL for every search done by using that plugin. Useless category pages, tags, and archive pages earmarked as no-index, and anything generated automatically by plugins can also cause the problem of duplicate content. By conditional formatting of the audit data, you can underscore URLs that only contain a tag, category, and record elements within their URLs. structured data optimization

The importance of schema markup data for SEO needs no reiteration, and if you are not doing it, lose no more time but implement it. Not using schema markup data will cause a massive setback in your SEO campaign. Most SERPs make use of structured data, and even though it does not guarantee the topmost ranking, you must not miss the opportunity of targeting SERPs that use structured data. Therefore, not doing optimization could mean that you are losing out on SERPs that use rich snippets along with other types of snippets.

Speed optimization

Website speed has been a ranking factor for desktops since 2010, and since 2018 it became applicable for mobile users too. According to Google, the viability of e-commerce sites depends on the website attaining a speed of 2 seconds for opening a web page, which is what delights users when they are shopping. You must try to stay closest to the target to stay ahead in the competition. Although the target of 2 seconds might seem too tight, which it is, by devoting some time and effort, it is achievable provided you have the willingness to do it. In addition to optimizing images, which is very basic, you must use some advanced techniques to fulfill your goal.

Implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If yours is a large website, then implementing a content delivery network is a must. It is the way to reach more consumers across wide locations faster instead of serving them from a single remote location. This can also reduce the page speed, which can be a double blow for you. Choose a suitable CDN from a long list of CDNs like Amazon Cloudfront, Cloudflare, Stackpath, Fastly, Microsoft Azure CDN, MaxCDN, and many more.

Catch the videos – Advanced SEO Techniques

Individuals these days give more inclination to the recordings than the Articles. So in the event that you need to keep alive in a race of positioning, you should be refreshed with recordings for your substance. The visual substance is more effectively embrace than content substance.

Video traffic will increment quickly step by step. Truth be told by Cisco, by 2021 recordings can make 80% of the online traffic. Along these lines, it’s an extraordinary move to keep refreshed with this one of the significant positioning elements in Search Engine Optimization.

Get an Advantage of the video in cutting edge SEO methods with the most well-known video stage ‘Youtube’. YouTube is the world’s second-biggest web index after Google. You can likewise do YouTube SEO to support the position of your recordings on YouTube.

You can Embed Video Content with Text-based Article; it is constantly the best practice to insert recordings in articles.

Be careful with your permalink settings

Webmasters familiar with WordPress, know how vital are permalink settings, and keep a watchful eye on it after the website goes live. Being unmindful of the permalink settings can cause significant rank drop as all permalinks might start showing a 404 error at the same time. Have a strict control on the team members that work on the site to prevent anyone from dabbling in it unnecessarily.

Do not be afraid to research and experiment because as the SEO world keeps changing, you too need to update your thinking.


Getting your head around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take some time. It’s an expansive subject and one that is continually evolving. Nonetheless, what we can be sure of is that by streamlining your site and substance, you’ll have a higher possibility of performing admirably in query items. This ought to thus prompt more traffic and expansion in leads and transformations.

WordPress is a fabulous CMS. It’s anything but difficult to assemble completely fledged sites with staggering SEO procedures stuffed into the structure. Here at our Media, it’s only one of our many supported stages. SEO is the best approach to enhance your site for web indexes with the goal that they can all the more likely comprehend your sites and rank higher in the query items. From a web designer or SEO proficient, it is essential to realize that without SEO it is nearly impossible to climb the ladder.

Keen on getting familiar with WordPress SEO? Need assistance getting your web content ready for action, and to an SEO standard, Google is probably going to support? Let our Media group take closer to you. Connect with us today.

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