Most Advanced SEO Optimized ATB Responsive Blogger Template

Recently we shifted to WordPress, when I was on blogger I used a custom designed Responsive Template. Many requested me to share this template, so here it goes live. I am not encrypting anything in this template. You are free to edit any element in the template.

most advanced atb responsive blogger template


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Why I say this most advanced Blogger Template?

This template is completely different from all other blogger templates. It might look similar in layout but I have implemented few additional features which you find on WordPress Platform like.

1.Fully Responsive Template

This template is completely responsive and automatically adjusts to all screen resolutions. So, no matter which device a visitor might be using it should automatically adjust to the screen size.

  • A Responsive Blogger Template will increase your revenue by 40%.
  • You can use Responsive Google Ads and these ads will also be shown to mobile users as well. The default mobile version template doesnt show Google Ads or Ads of other networks.
  • So, implementing Responsive Design should boost your income by 40%.
  • One more best thing which I noticed in the past few days is that the CPC from Mobile Devices is much higher than the normal cpc.
  • I also made the Menu Bar Responsive, so if some visitors lands from a device which is of small resolution still he can view sufficient content above the fold.

2. Conditionally Loading Social Sharing Buttons/ Script Integrated:

Social Sharing widgets are the elements that take more time to load on a blog as they are third party hosted scripts. So, I thought to implement a little advanced way of loading social sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons only show on screens whose resolution is 480px or higher. So, if someone is viewing your blog from mobile platform then the design should load without any clutter. I will explain more about conditional loading in future posts.

3. SEO Optimized:

By default blogger is SEO Optimized. Still I have done few tweaks to perform the blog better in search engines.

4. Four Column Responsive Stylish Footer:

One more best thing about this template is the footer. Footer is very stylish with four columns. You can add or remove gadgets in footer with a single click.

5. Sticky Post:

This is one more interesting feature of this Template. You can add a sticky post in the blog. This sticky post will appear right below the first post of the blog. If you have something very important on your blog then you can stick it on to the homepage, so that it gets more exposure.

6. Auto Alt Title Tag Generator Script Integrated:

Generally you have to give alt and title tags to the each and every image. But I have already integrated a script which will automatically get alt title tags from the images. All you have to do is to name the image properly.

7. Many more features:

The above listed are few, this template has many more features like Custom Styled Heading Tags, Responsive Related Posts Widget and much more.

Click Here to Download the Full Template

To get support for the template, please raise your queries on Forum – Ask.alltechbuzz.net


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