March 11, 2019

Most Advanced SEO Optimized ATB Responsive Blogger Template

Recently we shifted to WordPress, when I was on blogger I used a custom designed Responsive Template. Many requested me to share this template, so here it goes live. I am not encrypting anything in this template. You are free to edit any element in the template.

most advanced atb responsive blogger template


Click Here to See the Full Preview

Why I say this most advanced Blogger Template?

This template is completely different from all other blogger templates. It might look similar in layout but I have implemented few additional features which you find on WordPress Platform like.

1.Fully Responsive Template

This template is completely responsive and automatically adjusts to all screen resolutions. So, no matter which device a visitor might be using it should automatically adjust to the screen size.

  • A Responsive Blogger Template will increase your revenue by 40%.
  • You can use Responsive Google Ads and these ads will also be shown to mobile users as well. The default mobile version template doesnt show Google Ads or Ads of other networks.
  • So, implementing Responsive Design should boost your income by 40%.
  • One more best thing which I noticed in the past few days is that the CPC from Mobile Devices is much higher than the normal cpc.
  • I also made the Menu Bar Responsive, so if some visitors lands from a device which is of small resolution still he can view sufficient content above the fold.

2. Conditionally Loading Social Sharing Buttons/ Script Integrated:

Social Sharing widgets are the elements that take more time to load on a blog as they are third party hosted scripts. So, I thought to implement a little advanced way of loading social sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons only show on screens whose resolution is 480px or higher. So, if someone is viewing your blog from mobile platform then the design should load without any clutter. I will explain more about conditional loading in future posts.

3. SEO Optimized:

By default blogger is SEO Optimized. Still I have done few tweaks to perform the blog better in search engines.

4. Four Column Responsive Stylish Footer:

One more best thing about this template is the footer. Footer is very stylish with four columns. You can add or remove gadgets in footer with a single click.

5. Sticky Post:

This is one more interesting feature of this Template. You can add a sticky post in the blog. This sticky post will appear right below the first post of the blog. If you have something very important on your blog then you can stick it on to the homepage, so that it gets more exposure.

6. Auto Alt Title Tag Generator Script Integrated:

Generally you have to give alt and title tags to the each and every image. But I have already integrated a script which will automatically get alt title tags from the images. All you have to do is to name the image properly.

7. Many more features:

The above listed are few, this template has many more features like Custom Styled Heading Tags, Responsive Related Posts Widget and much more.

Click Here to Download the Full Template

To get support for the template, please raise your queries on Forum –

About the author 

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

  1. Hey Imran bhai, good to see you rolling again. I am glad to see you dealing with WordPress this time, a very needed change over from blogger as i saw a loose of page value in Google. Wish you all the luck and may this year bring you all the prosperity.

  2. tq so much…..i have been waiting for your fully optimized blogger template.Today it is on web.

    Thankyou once again πŸ™‚

  3. Though i am not a big fan of blogger but have some niche sites on blogger. Hope this will help me to optimize my blogs. Thanks for sharing this wonderful.template

  4. Thank You for the Template. Can we apply it to our blog ? Or we have to modify it before applying ? Please Help.

  5. Thanks imran. . I’m gonna use it. Thanks for sharing. And this wordpres theme u r using is great i’m using mobile nw its fully supportive.

    1. Hi Jacky,

      You can add adsense after post title by placing ad code before to show ads after blog post title, and to show it below place ad code below the

  6. Thank You Imran Bhai………… Tried a lot for editing like your template but i see that you providing template for free.Thank you bro…

    I hope You are very good career

  7. its really awesome and SEO Template. i really need it. How can i download this template any link for that?

    1. yes there is a download link check bro.After click on Download link You will redirect to another site .Then Download ot if you found it harm just ignore it because there is one XML error

  8. Hey its great you’re sharing this template with other people. Actually the best thing was the sticky post. Do you know can I put that sticky post into my wordpress site xxxx I know I shouldn’t be posting my site link here but please do help me…

  9. Hello Imran Broo, BY sharing this template for free you helped many newbie blogger like me and other, i was waiting for this template from a long ago. You and Vinay Gaud made this template by doing a lot of hard work and now you are sharing this for free. Only you can do this kind of thing. Keep on working and helping us.

  10. Brother After Watching Video Tutorial,I installed the template and I disable the Mobile version.But When I open in Mobile It doesn’t show any other navigation menus and it shows a checkbox with All tech Buzz How to remove it bro.

  11. You have done great job by publishing this theme in public. This what many bloggers want, I think everyone will be happy now. Thank you again.

  12. I am using this template on my niche blog and it looks really awesome. I am not good at coding but your video helped a lot! Of course I cannot share the niche URL but it is really worth a premium price tag.

    Still not done with editing yet, but once everything looks perfect, will let you know asap πŸ™‚ Thank you mate!

  13. I just started my blogging journey, and My first niche blog with blogger with this template its looks awesome…… basically i am non technically guys don’t know about coding but your video helped a lot… thanks…!!

    I would you like to know.. how to delete or hide below mention things…

    1. How to remove posted by : __________ (this caption in every post)
    2. How to remove About Admin of the Blog in each & every page..

    i don’t want to add any place my name in blog…


    1. 1st –> if you dont want to show your name below title in every post , go to template editor and find for

      and remove it.

      2nd –> To remove about admin below every post , find and remove the following .

      About Admin of the Blog:

      Imran Uddin is the founder of


      .He is a Tech Geek, SEO Expert, Web Designer and a Pro Blogger.

      Contact Him Here

      Follow him @






      1. in html editor i din’t find
        About Admin of the Blog:
        Imran Uddin is the founder of







        1. Yes, I was also looking for it but couldn’t find it. Please help how did you remove about admit option?

  14. How to add Logo at the header? Not much into coding and I am unable to add logo to my blog. Also, what is the expected size of logo which we can add to it? Thanks in advance.

    1. To add logo , go to layout panel in blogger and then configure “header” , there you have to select logo which you want to appear. Logo size should be 400 px width and 60-80px should be fit, though you can change width of header according to your logo size.

  15. and one more thing, in home page there are more than 5 pages than also shows only 1 page it’s not shows page like 1,2,3, Next Page (So, how we can show that also)

      1. No, i m not talking about demo page i have integrated this theme to my blog & it’s already 8 articles than also not showing… per page i had selected 5 post than also it’s not showing..

      2. Now it’s showing , may be it’s my mistake sorry.. and also thanks for your reply if i have any query than get back to you..

        thanks a lot…

  16. this template full of URLS and Backlink of this site.

    Not Nulled version and Clean.

    1. You can edit and remove them very easily. Its a blogger template without any encryption, so pretty much straight forward.

      I hope you understand.

  17. thanks Imran ji, now I down load it and used one of my blogs, see how can it worked, you told it’s fully responsive template, ok wait.

  18. Thank you imran πŸ™‚ for the template. .I have downloaded and used it on my blog after a few customizations.
    Have a look on “” and tell howzz it looking ?

  19. getting this error while updating ur atb templete

    We were unable to save your template.

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    (SyntaxError) : syntax error

  20. Hello Imran sir, nice to see your template live.
    Today almost every blogger including me wanna use it but it is not possible because it is a blogger template and most of the blogs are on WordPress. So, I have a request to launch its WP theme version so that guys like me can use it.

  21. Great template brother ! Really so thanks to you that you created a totally SEO optimized template for us. I suggested some of my familiar blogger to use this in blogging platorm.

  22. Hello, Imran thankyou for your template. I wanted to ask how we can change URL of page. Bloggeer platform is not allowing to change my permalinks , infact i cant find the way to change my page permalinks. Chaning Post of permalinks is simpler but i cannot find a way to change the permalinks of pages.If you can help me with that.

      1. Hi Nice template only one problem I seem to get a full post after the last footer, I looked in the layout and there is 2 bodies how do I fix this pls!!!!

  23. Hey imran the template is really awesome but i have one problem please tell me how to edit menu for mobile style because the user have to click on the menu and then it will apper i want direct menu similar to u used in alltechbuzz mobile template so please help me

  24. Thanks for sharing, however, I’m just waiting how my blog will perform using this new blogger template – Thanks, MV

  25. am unable to see the link of download to download the template…
    please help me boss

  26. Hello Imran…
    Thanks for this template but tell me how to remove sidebar in this template ??? o_O

  27. Hi Imran Bhai,
    This template is awesome! I had install and modified it successfully-Thanx
    But plz let me now that- How to remove auto ALt tag for images.. Waiting for your response

  28. Thanks a lot for sharing this theme with us. I have installed it on my blog and having no problem to customize it. I got a main advantage when I apply for adsense. I got approval on my first attempt even i have registered my domain before 29 days. and blog wast just 2 month old with blogspot.

    Thanks a lot.

  29. I’ll try your theme for my next project Imran, for now am using WordPress for my site but when i’ll be looking for a nice blogger theme i’ll definitely make a stop here. Bookmarked this.

  30. What a great theme indeed!

    I like the sticky post idea. The design itself is quite neat and so far, I really think it
    match with my niche as well.

    The SEO optimized template eh.. will need some time to prove it.
    However, kudos for you Imran.

    Like this template very much!


  31. Hi imran i am new to blogging field. Can we remove blogger default navbar, favicon, next blog search links at top. Suppose if we remove them it will be effect on adsence rejection.

  32. Hi , I have just installed this template . Unfortunately i am getting a black image for every post below the post. Please guide me through.

  33. Thanks for sharing this template. i am having a problem in adding a contact us page to this template,pls help me in adding this page

  34. Hi Imran,
    I found your template in many blogs really awesome template (even i am using it for event niche blogs ;))
    Thanks man really it works a lot.

  35. Imran you did a Good work, Just installed this template on my niche related blog and its Amazing.
    Thanks for share.

  36. Do you know any good WordPress theme other than this for technology blog?
    This is also good, but I want something different for my tech blog. Thanks!

  37. brothers please help me, am trying to edit the atb template..

    I have deleted the navigation at the top, I want to put another one below header but I don’t get it

    and I want to change the background colour of more button, next page button and previous page background colour somebody should pls be of help thanks..

  38. Imran, I really like this template, its loading speed is great I made speed test of this theme . Results was good … Thanks

  39. Hi
    in this template, blogger post url formed with unreadable words.
    whether this is seo friendly?
    please suggest me

  40. Hi
    Nice template only one problem I seem to get a full post after the last footer, I looked in the layout and there is 2 bodies how do I fix this pls!!!!

  41. i’m a newbe…… don’t know about html and css…..please send me d video link to edit this template…..please
    as soon as possible.

  42. After using this template ads are not displaying on mobile divices………please can u tell me how to solve this problem….

  43. sir i am not able to delete about admin
    imran uddin is funder of
    where can i found it and how can i edit this admin sir

  44. Awesome blogger template… πŸ˜€
    Thanks for this valuable post. I will follow your blog. I’ll definitely gonna bookmark your site.
    Your expertise always help’s me tremendously.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  45. Thank Your Very much sir. you have solved the problem of mine to search a nice template. thanks a lot for this nice template.

    will use it on my blog with thanks.

  46. Hi,

    ATB template is very simple and beautiful template. Very professional looking and fast, I will try it. Thank you for sharing this template…

  47. Thank you imran. I have been searching for this template. Thank’s For Sharing templateeq

  48. Excellent weblog right here! Also your website a lot up fast!
    What web host are you the use of? Can I am getting your associate link
    to your host? I want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

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