September 29, 2018

Blogger/ BlogSpot vs. WordPress: Advantages & Disadvantages Complete Guide

Blogger/ BlogSpot vs. WordPress: Advantages & Disadvantages Complete Guide – In the previous chapters, you have seen all the features of Blogger. Now it’s time to compare it with another awesome platform i.e. WordPress. Surprised by seeing the title? Yes, what you read is right. No doubt WordPress is the best CMS Blogging Platform but Blogger is unique in some way when compared with WordPress.

Blogger or BlogSpot is a 23rd August 1999 founded s a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Its open source and free to use nature is one of the most preferred reasons why new bloggers generally start with BlogSpot. It’s also super easy to use. Any person with very little knowledge of using a computer can create his/ her own website in Blogger OR Blogspot. With that, no doubt Blogger is easily able to fulfil the majority of needs, it is also having a high level of customisation. Moreover, you won’t have to pay a single penny for Hosting as you get free hosting from Google.

Unique Features of Blogger that you don’t find in Wordpress:

1. Blogger is Free Hosting:

If you are a complete newbie and don’t want to invest much in Blogging then Blogger is for you. Wordpress needs hosting whereas blogger is hosted on Cloud by hosting

2. SEO Optimized:

Blogger platform is SEO optimized by default. You need not install any SEO Plugin to optimize it. All you need to do is just modify few basic settings and your blog is ready for SEO. As Blogger is owned by Google, it indexes Blogger blogs faster than the wordpress blogs.

seo optimized

3. High Security

As Blogger is hosted on Cloud you wont be having any access to the database or the server. So everything is highly secured. Wordpress blogs are highly vulnerable. Even a small loop hole can do a big damage to your years of hardwork. A blogger blog can only be compromised if your gmail/login account linked with that particular blog is hacked which can easily be protected with a step 2 authentication.

4. Blogger is Easy to Use:

WordPress comes with lot of troubles and errors whereas blogger is easy to customize and design your own custom designs in HTML5 and CSS.


5. Less Technical

Creating a blog on Blogger allows a newbie to easily understand and edit the blog. Just basics about HTML are enough to work efficiently, which is pretty easy. Users of any background (non-technical) can get into Blogger; no high technical knowledge on coding or any language is required.


Although I am a huge fan of WordPress, I must say that Blogger has many advantages over WordPress which makes it still one of the best blogging platforms at least for newbie bloggers. Having any queries related to Blogger/ BlogSpot vs. WordPress: Advantages & Disadvantages Complete Guide, please make sure to go through ALLTECHBUZZ Comment section to let us know more.

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