July 18, 2022

AI and the gambling industry

You could visit the highest payout online casinos or the most sought-after sports betting sites; betting remains electrifying wherever you place your bets. The gambling industry has morphed through the years, celebrating its humble beginnings at the back of saloon poker games or Sundays at the horse racing track. Back then, it was a matter of having to be present in person to gamble, whilst today we will do none of that.

The tech enhancements that gambling has undertaken through the years have annexed a new gambling arena, with us gamblers feasting on every moment, every new perk, and new things that will help our hearts miss a beat when gambling. Remembering the days when we said, “the future will bring XYZ’’, well, the future of gambling is here, ladies and gents. And part of that future is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in gambling, bringing us one step closer to total gambling nirvana.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Some time ago, we attended Ice in London, an annual gaming convention followed by the best in gambling. There, we attended a small panel event to teach attendees about AI. It was a new concept; we all listened attentively as the tech guru announced that AI would change the world. He explained that AI is the intelligent ‘gene’ found in computer sciences to help the machine operate as human as possible. Everyone was silent for a few minutes, and then we all raised our hands with a barrage of questions about how AI will impact the gambling industry.

How AI is showing the gambling industry better days

Whilst many of us have robots cleaning our homes, robotics and computer science have significantly impacted the world. AI has helped robots perform procedures that the best surgeon could not master in healthcare. In gambling, the gambler is celebrated with an enhanced UX experience that not only wows the punter but assures that he will return for more. So, how has AI impacted the industry so far? It has shaped many parts of the industry into what it is today; let’s discuss some of the biggest changes.

Personalized Gaming Experience

How about entering your favorite online casinos with just face recognition instead of logging into your account? And how about the casino welcomes you with a digital persona/figure saying hello and your name? That might be something we are used to in our weekend Netflix Saturday binges, but we can assure you that it is happening.

User Experience in gambling provides that extra step as if the gambling site knows your likes. Most AI-powered sites will also chirp into your gambling patterns and offer you a list of games via a “You might like this” section or “Games you have played before”. The Human element in AI lures you in and provides gamblers with a gambler to whom they feel they belong. Of course, goals achieved when the players return got more bets or casino gambling fun.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming has been at the forefront of many gambling licenses, with gambling sites penalized heftily if found to encourage irresponsible gambling. We all know how chasing losses results in gambling addictions, and such patterns are expected to be mitigated and never encouraged. Many AI systems incorporated in today’s gambling sites include ways for the system to detect any patterns or addictive gambling. Identifying players at risk of falling into risky gambling patterns could trigger an account with stops placed on the account if the need arises.

A win-win situation for the casino operator and the punter alike, with AI highlighting possible problematic gambling, the punter could be protected before the need arises.

New ways of betting

Whilst many enjoy the traditional slot machine spinning or betting on your go-to sport, others seek that little extra. In comes AI and gives online gambling sites a new push to make gambling more enjoyable.

Gambling on world events – World events are a matter of interest for many. During the pandemic days, people were betting on when a new vaccine will be made? When the pandemic dies out. Who will be the free world’s next leader, and when the wars will end? You can thank AI for all this novel betting approach!

Cryptocurrency Payments – Only in recent years have we got somehow friendly with crypto. Friendly enough for gambling sites to launch crypto gambling sites. Here you can deposit, play, and withdraw using payment methods such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more.

Fantasy Sports and Esports – During the summer holidays, or when your favorite sports are on hiatus, you do not need to dwell on upcoming seasons. AI has created fantasy and esports tournaments you can enjoy and binge on. With an extra element of personalization, you might just feel that you are indeed at the races!

The Future

Now that both Occulus and Playstation have given us a glimpse of what Virtuality Reality can do to our sanity, we just want more. Combing AI and VR would be a massive win for the gambling industry. Imagine wearing a VR console for your casino fun, wearing your best poker face glasses, and in your walk to a live casino table with friends. We are talking about this when we say AI in gambling’s future. Such experiences could change how the world looks at gambling and could be a platform for people to enjoy gambling on a whole new level.

Today’s tech advancements and tomorrow’s consumer needs thrive changes to demand attention. Casino game developers teamed up with their IT giants and strived to find the best ways to bring new enhancements, perks, and experiences to the table. The future is bright, and AI will impact the gaming industry and the world as we know it.

About the author 

Elle Gellrich

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