November 9, 2023

AI Apps for Small Businesses: Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

AI is revolutionizing every sphere for every industry. Whether an upcoming small business, B2B start–up or large B2C corporation, every company can benefit immensely from AI’s unprecedented potential.

From seamless content creation to effective employee management, the best artificial intelligence apps and tools facilitate an increase in productivity levels, ultimately boosting the success of your business.

AI is here to stay, and businesses must utilize the transformative potential of AI to stay ahead of the competition. With the plethora of upcoming tools and services, here are the key elements to consider before implementing AI apps in your operations and workflow.

Read on to explore key features, differences, and use cases of the top AI apps for your SMB.

Key Elements of an AI App for Small Businesses

Whether through AI development services or off-the-shelf tools, small businesses should look for these key elements in their AI apps.

Easy Usability

A user-friendly interface should be the primary consideration when using any AI app or tool. Business owners and the entire team can leverage all the app’s functionalities while saving time.

Training and Support Mechanism

Ensure that the app comes with sufficient training and support material such as helpful resources, documents, tutorials, and a responsive customer support team. This will help employees better navigate the app and address any concerns promptly.

Seamless Integration

Even for small businesses, specific tools like HRM, project management, or CRM may already be in place. To integrate seamlessly within the company’s existing operations, work with AI development services that can help automate tedious processes and implement smart business solutions.

Pricing Structure and Scalability

Due to limited resources, factoring in the pricing structure is vital. Choose AI apps that balance the cost with the value it provides for your company. Moreover, small businesses have tremendous growth potential. So, the AI apps or tools should be able to accommodate every growing requirement of your small business.

Top AI Apps to Boost Efficiency and Productivity for Small Businesses

Factoring in the key features above, here are some of the best artificial intelligence apps and tools that would be able to manage all the requirements of a small and growing business:

1. Fireflies AI

Make your otherwise mundane meetings more productive and efficient with Fireflies AI. Be it internal meetings with team members or meetings with clients, this AI notetaker transcribes and summarizes conversations to create knowledge bases, quick action items, and powerful analyses. Ensure that no important information or small detail is missed and foster robust collaboration within the team.

Key Features of Fireflies AI

  • It is highly accurate and works in real-time to capture every detail of a conversation.
  • It features an AI–powered search function to locate key metrics and essential discussion pointers easily.
  • It also offers seamless integration with other productivity tools like Google Workspace, Zoom, and Slack.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is perhaps the best-known tool on this list and has immense potential to automate content generation and ideation. This generative AI app returns detailed, informative, customized responses to queries, also called prompts. Businesses can save time on extensive research work, break down complex topics, provide recommendations, and generate code samples, allowing the manual workforce to focus on more creative functions.

Key Features of Chat GPT

  • It has a user-friendly interface, making it very simple to use.
  • It supports 50+ languages, making it easier for businesses to communicate and operate globally.
  • It stores previous conversation/query responses, making it easier to return to that information.

3. Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse chatbot is a fluent AI writing tool that helps small businesses generate high-quality blog posts, product descriptions, landing page content, ad copies, and other content. With unbelievable speed and accuracy, Hypotenuse can supercharge your content workflow.

Key Features of Hypotenuse

  • It optimizes the content and seamlessly incorporates SEO keywords into the content for better ranking.
  • It helps users customize the style and tone to ensure the content aligns with the brand voice.
  • It provides a quick summary and extracts insights from PDFs.

4. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein provides powerful AI solutions to bring generative and conversational AI experiences into customer relationship management. It analyzes volumes of customer data like sales history, previous customer interactions, and social media activity to predict and generate insights. These insights or data can help small businesses make data-driven decisions pertaining to customer relations.

Key Features of Salesforce Einstein

  • It offers robust integration capabilities that help businesses integrate this CRM app with other AI-powered tools.
  • It offers natural language processing (NPL) capabilities that help it pick up and analyze the customer’s sentiments from their interactions.
  • Owing to the NLP (natural language processing) feature, it identifies customer satisfaction-related issues in real-time.

5. Tome

Every business strives to master skillful communication of their offered products and services through presentations. However, creating an appealing, effective presentation takes time. Enter Tome – a powerful tool that generates presentations based on your prompts, customized to your needs using AI. It can capture ideas and generate outlines, presentation slides, or a complete presentation deck with a single text prompt.

Key Features of Tome

  • It can convert a document into a creative presentation with a single click.
  • It provides commenting and sharing features that enable teams to collaborate effortlessly.
  • It also integrates with DALL E 2 to create customized and unique AI images for the presentations.

6. Descript

Video demos for marketing purposes or client testimonials, visual media, particularly videos, are preferred by audiences for their attractive and engaging elements. However, generating good-quality video content requires time and resources that may not be feasible for small businesses. Tools like Descript are here to revolutionize how enterprises create visual content. This AI-powered app makes video and audio editing processes easier with a user-friendly interface to transcribe, mix, and edit audio and video recordings effortlessly.

Key Features of Descript

  • It provides an AI-generative feature that can mimic voices to generate speech that syncs with the content.
  • Users can simultaneously edit multimedia elements like music, voiceovers, and soundtracks.
  • It also provides options for publishing and sharing the edited content via links for greater reach and collaboration.

Wrapping Up

AI tools offer an array of technical capabilities that can enhance productivity in all spheres of a small business. From content creation, employee management, and customer relations to financial management, there is a tool for every small business operation.

Additionally, AI development services can help small, medium, and large enterprises develop customized AI-enabled apps for further productivity. Leverage AI tools to grow your small business organically and make your team efficient and productive, ultimately boosting growth.

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