July 21, 2021

In Need of Airtel USSD Codes? Here’s a List to Help You Check Balance and More

If you’re an Airtel user, didn you know there’s a simple way you can check how much data you’ve already used or what your balance is? Specifically, there are two ways you can check this. The first option is by downloading the MyAirtel mobile app, but if you don’t want to download anything for whatever reason, you just also use an Airtel USSD code.

In this article, we’ll list down some working USSD codes that you may want to use.

What Are USSD Codes?

If you were born before the 2010s, then you most likely know what these codes are. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, otherwise known as USSD, are basically quick codes you dial on your phone to connect with your network mobile operator. By doing so, you can receive specific information you’re looking for.

As you can imagine, there are countless USSD codes out there, and each one has a particular purpose. Using these codes, you can check your balance, learn what your phone number is, check your plans, and more. As long as the code hasn’t expired yet, you’re free to use it whenever you want for free.

Some Basic USSD Codes

Press *123# to check your balance Press *121#*2 to check your data
Press *121*1# to check Airtel offers Press 121 for Airtel customer care
Press 198 for the Airtel complaint number Press *321*800# for the Airtel miscall alert
Press *282# for the Airtel sim number Press *678# for the Airtel hello tune
Press *121# for the Airtel service menu Press *141# for the Airtel credit loan

Codes Under the Airtel Service Menu (*121#)

As mentioned above, dialing *121# opens up a service menu where you can check your data usage, balance, and other related data. When you open up this service menu, you’ll see a list of options for you to choose from. However, there are also some quick codes you can directly use, which will be listed below:

Airtel TT and Internet offers check – *121*1# Airtel all balance check – *121*2#
Airtel coupon recharge – *121*3# Airtel balance and validity check – *121*4#
Airtel flash Services – *121*5# Airtel digital TV – *121*6#
Airtel transaction details menu – *121*7# Airtel smart unlimited calling pack – *121*8#
Airtel mobile number check – *121*9# Airtel unlimited pack offer code – *121*10#
Airtel Internet data pack details – *121*11# Airtel roaming details – *121*13#
Airtel voice and roaming packs – *121*14# Airtel gift TT transfer – *121*35#
Airtel 3G service – *121*111#
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Codes Under the Airtel Credit Loan Menu (*141#)

On the other hand, the *141# code gives you access to a menu where you can make a loan. This can come extremely handy when you’ve run out of credit and need some more.

Airtel Rs.10 TT Loan – *141*10# Airtel 2G/3G/4G data Loan – *141*567#

Codes Under the Airtel 123 Balance Check

This set of codes gives you different options for checking your balance.

Airtel to Airtel Minutes Balance check – *123*1# Airtel Local SMS Balance check – *123*2#
Airtel STD SMS Balance check – *123*3# Airtel Dedicated Balance check – *123*4#
Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance check – *123*6# Airtel Free STD Minutes Balance check – *123*8#
Airtel Mobile Number check – *123*9# Airtel 2G data Balance check – *123*10#
Airtel 3G Data Balance check – *123*11#

Other Codes

Here are some other USSD codes that might come in handy.

Airtel SMS Activation code – *110*5# Airtel SMS Deactivation code – *110#
Airtel Live Services – *321# Airtel Facebook Services – *325#
Twitter Service – *515# Mobile Check-ins, Special offers, and Rewards – *566#
Activate/Deactivate GPRS Service – *567# Airtel Hello Tunes Menu – *678#
Airtel National SMS Pack – *777# Check Your own Airtel Number – *282#
Airtel Miss Call Service Activation – *888#


The next time you need to check your balance, you don’t have to rely on the MyAirtel app anymore. Simply dial and call these codes for quick access to your balance details, data usage, etc.

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