April 30, 2019

Airtel Wynk Tube – New Digital Entertainment Service Launched For Their 200 Million Smartphone Subscribers

Airtel announced that their in-house team had developed a “Built For India” entertainment service which will cater to its ever-growing demand of digital entertainment on smartphones which belong to the tier 2, 3 towns and villages.

Airtel Wynk Tube Features:

1. An uncomplicated and spontaneous interface which will cater to multiple Indian regional languages.

2. Users will be able to switch between audio and video mode of entertainment very easily without any hitch.

3. It will be a free subscription service.

4. Wink Tube app has the ability to add all the MP3 music files already on the smartphone and utilizing those as the part of your playlist.

5. One touch play. New users welcome playlists. Playlists will be refreshed using the AI-powered algorithms, which will generate playlists according to the listening preferences of the user.

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Acting on the urge to grow their share in the entertainment industry, Airtel is trying to grow its content portfolio for the strong 200 million smartphone user base. Airtel Wynk Tube has been developed keeping in mind the Tier 2 and 3 towns and villages. This service is aimed at being easy to use and use smart technology for providing the user with an amazing experience. Using the power of AI, this service will be able to provide power recommendations, and end-user will have the ease of personalizing the app.

Wynk Tube is a very light application which is only 5MB in size which has the ability to work easily even with very basic smartphones like the Android Go variants.  These are some of the languages in which the service app will be available. Wynk Tube is the next generation app of Wynk Music, which will be enhancing the features present in its predecessor.

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Imran Uddin

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