December 26, 2018 Pro Membership Upgrade Review-Is it Really Worth?

Every Blogger/Web Master know the importance of Alexa Rank to drive more advertisers to their websites/blogs these days.For a profitable blogging you must have a good Alexa Rank.Alexa has a pro upgrade since many years but recently they are encouraging many bloggers to upgrade for Pro Membership to take full advantage of accurate site metrics and good Alexa Rank.

To test the Alexa Pro features I stepped forward and upgraded for PRO.I think I am one of the very few people on the whole internet who dared and stepped forward to upgrade for pro membership.But after few days I realized that upgrading for pro is not a good option for me  because there was a huge drop in my alexa rank recently.However it was fixed later after contacting with alexa support.

What is Alexa Pro?

As you know Alexa is owned by Amazon which ranks every website based on some of their ranking algorithms.Alexa Pro is upgrade to alexa free membership.Which costs $9.99 per month.They are also offering one month free trial for new customers.Pro members can have some advantages over free members like Certified site metrics,Custom Logo,Custom Ranking system which we will be discussing in details further in the article.

Some Unique Features for Alexa Pro Members:

Once you upgrade for Alea Pro Membership they offer some new features like Certified Site Metrics,Custom Logo,Two Dofollow Links with Targeted keywords on your Alexa Info Page and monthly site audits.

Alexa Site Info of a Page After Upgrading for PRO Membership

As you can see from the above image they offer some cool features for pro members but the question is are they really worth it? Read on…..

If you are upgrading for pro with an intention to increase alexa rank then it doesn’t show fruitful results in all cases but it helps for some.

Who Should Upgrade to Alexa PRO?

If your blog is Tech Niche or Internet Marketing niche and already has a good alexa rank then I strictly recommend you not to upgrade for alexa pro.

After you have upgraded for pro you will be given a piece of code to install on to your blog/website.This code tracks the number of visitors your website gets.Generally alexa calculates the number of visitors a website gets on the basis of toolbar information.But once you upgraded for pro they measure your number of visitors accurately and rank your blog on the basis of those visitors.For high traffic blogs this is a good thing but for blogs with low traffic pro membership results are very much negative.


  • If your site has less traffic and has an awesome alexa rank then stay away.Never upgrade to alexa pro.
  • If your site is getting high traffic like 50,000 to 100,000 visitors per day still has a low alexa rank then I strongly recommend you to upgrade to alexa pro.

My Final Conclusion:

Alexa pro upgrade shows fruitful results for high traffic blogs which are having low alexa rank but its not at all recommended to upgrade for pro if your blog already has a good alexa rank, instead follow the tips which I already wrote on how to increase alexa rank.

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Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

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