October 12, 2022

All-In-One Messenger That Improves Your Customer Communication

These days, customer communication happens in many more channels than email or phone. The role of instant messengers, which have tremendously extended their capabilities in recent years, and social media, which provide numerous ways of one-on-one and group communication, have become more and more pronounced in interaction with clients. This is why a business needs to be present and stay in touch with companies across numerous channels at the same time.

However, this poses a problem of conducting such omnichannel communication without increasing the number of staff or decreasing the quality of customer support and marketing. For businesses, the best solution to the problem is employing an all-in-one messenger platform to process customer communication in a single interface. This way, a company can streamline the workflow, merge client details and correspondence history from all channels into one system, and analyze all aspects of interactions to discover what areas require additional improvement. Let’s explore the features of such a solution in more detail.

Customer data collection

An e-store or a provider of digital services needs to be accessible to all customers. In order to achieve it and allow clients to switch between channels without having to repeatedly enter their details and explain their requests, a messaging platform must provide a single, unified customer profile with conversation history and details. In a way, it is a combination of communication platform and CRM system features that provide the biggest potential. Additionally, your team should be able to distribute conversations with customers, assign tasks, make reminders, and take advantage of automation tools like auto-replies and templates to promote quicker, more efficient workflows.

Support of all communication channels

Businesses should always put the needs of users first. Online shoppers today prefer to choose from a variety of channels to interact with a business, and social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have gained increased popularity in customer-to-brand communication. So, when choosing a messaging platform, give priority to a solution that allows you to reach customers where they spend most of their time, and make sure you can add or remove channels as your audience’s needs and preferences change.


To succeed in highly competitive business niches, a messaging platform must be flexible enough to scale at any rate, robust enough to manage the most complicated business needs, and adjustable to accommodate any workflow. This can be achieved by utilizing the capabilities of open APIs or pre-built interfaces provided by an omnichannel messaging platform.

Competent support

Customer service is crucial for both customers of a company and team members who interact with those customers. This means that a messaging platform’s stable performance is essential for consistent customer support quality. An omnichannel platform’s capable technical support should never be neglected. High-quality CPaaS empowers support and sales teams by providing helpful assistance and direction in achieving sales, marketing, and support goals.

Summing up, making a proper decision when choosing an omnichannel messaging platform is crucial since the appropriate tool can significantly improve your performance, while the wrong one can have many negative effects. There are many solutions available, all with a distinctive set of features and capabilities, so when choosing one, carefully consider all communication capabilities, data management features, and the entire onboarding experience.

One of the popular omnichannel platforms is Unico. The solution supports more than 25 communication channels, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, live chat widgets, and many others. With Unico, a company can communicate with customers via social media, messengers, email, or chat in a single, easy-to-use interface, as well as get useful insights into customer preferences and performance. Also, Unico Inbox provides CRM system features, including a sales funnel and task manager, to manage leads more effectively. A free trial makes it easy for anyone to try the omnichannel platform Umnico for themselves and assess its omnichannel messaging capabilities.

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