February 16, 2017

Boyfriends of Instagram Show Their Struggle to Make their GirlFriends Look Picture Perfect

Photo lovers really take a lot of time to take a perfect picture. It seems for them both insanely important and difficult sometimes. Girls take a ton of posing and reposing to look breezy, candid and carefree.

So, they take a lot of work and time to nail the perfect picture especially in the case of husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Posing to look like you’re not posing is truly an art form which means natural and photogenic. Hence, behind every great photo, there is a great photographer we don’t usually think about.

But these men know it better than some, going the extra mile to get the money shot for their other halves. The ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ page shares hilarious images of partners crouching, climbing and even laying on the ground in a bid to bag the perfect snap of their wives.

Don’t be fooled: The “I work out!” pic is always planned:

False Work Out

“Haha oh my God, I didn’t see you there” shot:

Best Angle

The classic “follow me” pose:

The classic follow me pose 2

The classic follow me pose

The beach shot is the most delicate:

The beach shot 2

The beach shot 3

The beach shot 4
The beach shot 6

The beach shot 5

Get my best angle:

The beach shot


Going above and beyond:

Edge of the toe

Best Angle 2

Seasonal Pics:

Seasonal Pics

Seasonal Pics 2

Next time you see a girl with an amazing picture, don’t forget to appreciate the man behind the camera.

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