February 3, 2023

Amazon Price tracker: Buy at the right time

When to buy is at the forefront of every consumer’s mind. In 2022, consumers cited finding better prices as the second main advantage of shopping online, meaning many consumers will hunt around until they find the best deal possible. While finding a lower price is worth the time investment, what if there was a way to let the software do the work for you?

An Amazon price tracker chrome is an automated way to allow users to find the best deals quickly without fuss. Let’s dive into how a price tracker works and how it helps save money.

What is an Amazon Price tracker?

A price tracker is a digital tool that assists online retailers and manufacturers in tracking competitors’ and dealers’ prices. It makes tracking prices simpler and less complicated and provides information for pricing decisions.

Buyers can also utilize price trackers to help them get the products they desire at a lower price by sending a notification whenever a price drops. If you want the best prices online, look at an Amazon item’s pricing history before buying.

Why pricing history is important

A pricing history is a record of how the price of a specific product has changed over time. It can be expressed in various ways, including graphs, tables, and charts. It displays a product’s previous prices, the date it was modified, and the current price. Pricing history can be crucial in detecting price patterns, whether they are rising or falling, and whether it is an excellent time to purchase a specific product based on prior prices. It can also assist in locating the best bargains and discounts on a product.

How can I monitor the price on Amazon?

While using Amazon Prime can help you save, price tracking gives buyers a greater advantage. Knowing the pricing history of specific products might be critical in the run-up to events such as Black Friday. Understanding a product’s pricing history lets you know when you’ve found a great deal and offers you an idea of when the product’s price may drop or rise, making it easier to decide when to buy.

Fortunately, tracking Amazon’s price history is straightforward and can be accomplished with a simple browser extension such as Sugar. Sugar uses community expertise in conjunction with existing eTail APIs to provide a smoother shopping experience by displaying price history and trends in real-time, tracking price changes, and automatically applying coupons, saving you time and money.

How does it work?

Sugar turns on whenever you shop online, search on its database, and automatically extracts a price graph history on the item you’re watching. This information helps users decide whether now is the time to buy. Moreover, if a coupon is found, Sugar will automatically apply it. If you are still on the fence, there is no need to worry; add the item to your watch list, and Sugar will notify you when the price reduces.

Saving with Sugar

A price tracking tool such as Sugar will save time and money by elevating your online purchasing experience. Prices vary all the time, not just on large sites like Amazon. Other eCommerce companies also provide discounts and different ways to save money on their products.

All these temptations of online shopping make purchasing difficult as you must always decide whether to buy now or wait a little longer. With price tracking in place, you’ll never have to guess again. You no longer need to track all of those social media updates to find the best deals. Allow a price tracker to do the legwork for you.

Not only will Sugar help you find the best price possible, but it also reminds users of the importance of patience. With online shopping, it’s very easy to make impulse purchases because we can have (mostly) anything we want with the click of a button. Playing the long game with a price tracker will encourage you to consider whether the product is necessary for you and help you get it at a lower price if you decide to.

How can I add an Amazon price tracker?

Installing and using Sugar is easy:

  1. Install the Sugar browser extension on Chrome
  2. Go to an Amazon product you’ve been eyeing
  3. Add the product to your wish list
  4. Define a discount rate that suits your budget
  5. Get notified when the price drops

When you add an item to your wishlist, Sugar adds it to its tracking algorithm and informs you when the price changes significantly. When the price is reduced within the confinements of the price point you’ve set, a notification is sent to your browser, allowing you to purchase the product at the lowest possible price.


An Amazon price tracker is a valuable tool for consumers who want to shop smarter by saving time and money. Sugar’s cutting-edge innovative shopping browser extension provides a built-in pricing graph, a price history panel, and price monitoring capabilities, making it an excellent choice. Overall, it’s relatively straightforward to use a price tracker. Once you download the Sugar extension for Chrome, you’ll be up and running in less than a minute.

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