February 15, 2021

An Ultimate Guide To Understanding Easy BCD Software For Beginners

Easy BCD (Boost Configuration Data) is a program released by Neo Smart Technologies. As the name suggests, the software functions to configure and regulate BCD. Boost Configuration Data is the first database, first introduced for Windows Vista and now being used in all consequent versions.

Easy BCD is used to launch multi-boot environments in computers, which can instantaneously set up versions of Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, Linus, etc.

The program Easy BCD is also used for adding up entries to bootable tools and utilities. Additionally, it alters and controls the behavior of the Windows boot menu.  It performs several tasks, ranges from complexity and application. It includes features ranging from basic to high-level and can customize features according to the requirements.

Popular Versions Of Easy BCD

Over the years, Easy BCD has released several versions. Some of the popular versions of the program are listed below:

Easy BCD 1.1: Easy BCD version 1.1 is popularly known for its compatibility. The software is 100 percent compatible with all the recent Windows Vista.

Easy BCD 2.0: Easy BCD version 2.0 includes additional options for users, including a select installation directory.

Easy BCD 2.1: Easy BCD version 2.1 was made known to the public on Jun 19, 2011. The software is no longer unpaid for the commercial environment. However, for home and non-profit users who don’t obtain limitations, it is still available for free.

Easy BCD 2.3: Easy BCD version 2.3 lends a hand of extra support to its users while including features for creating and managing entries. The version is particularly designed for UEFI- based Windows entries, present in the boot menu.

Easy BCD 2.4: Easy BCD version 2.4 comes off with new features, including the addition of auto-completion for all path textboxes. Additionally, users were allowed to verify the destination of the ‘changed boot partition.’ Furthermore, it was no less than 75 MiB (mebibyte).

Operating System Benefitted By Easy BCD Program

The Easy BCD program works efficiently with the following system:

  • Windows series:  Easy BCD program supports Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc. Precisely, Easy BCD version 2.2 is completely booted and efficiently works with the following systems of Windows, including Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.
  • Linux:  One of the notable features of the Easy BCD program concerning Linux is that it fully supports the operating system. Additionally, the program offers various ways to work with Linux operating system, just in case one or more way fails to work.
  • BSD: BSD is an operating system that is based on Research Unix. Research UNIX, created with the Computer System Research Group. Concerning Easy BCD version 2.1 it includes a design module, which functions to put the boot into a BSD-based operating system.
  • Mac OS (Macintosh operating system): The Mac OS is an operating system developed by Apple Inc. Easy BCD program substitutes current program with a new program in the macOS boot loader. It is because the computer can easily boot into Mac operating system on any partition or any physical disk.

Features Of Easy BCD Program

The key features of the Easy BCD program are listed as follows:

  • Boot it anywhere:  When you download the program on your computer, you can include it in a bootable USB flash drive, which already acquires repair capabilities. Now, you can take the USB flash drive wherever you go. Boot it anywhere and anytime.
  • Boot anything you want: The application allows users to boot anywhere and anything, ranging from USB drives, virtual disk, ISO images, etc. to name a few.
  • Instant solution to problems: The software is used to solve problems. Thus, it means you are allowed to make use of Easy BCD for troubleshooting the Windows operating system. Additionally, it lends a hand in backing up and can repair the boot loader, etc. to name a few.

Precautions Taken While Using Easy BCD

The Easy BCD software is user-friendly and a perfect solution to several queries of users. However, for using it efficiently, users are advised to take the following precautions:

  • When your current version stops working, it is advised to get hold of the recent version of the program. This is because; the current version isn’t supporting your operating system.
  • For Windows 7, it is highly recommended that users install Easy BCD version 2.0 build 76 or above of this version.
  • If you have hold of an advanced system, set the boot on a low level. For example,  if you are required to boot Windows XP and Windows 7, you are advised to install the program in Windows 7 first. Next, set up the XP boot or it will not work.

Easy BCD is software that lends support in taking control of your boot loader. The features of the software are unique. And you are allowed to boot anywhere, anytime, and anything you want. The program functions efficiently and protects your computer against any damage. It offers painless editing and resolves problems instantly.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it offers support to a limited community. Additionally, it gives no access to the latest features and is designed only for personal use.

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