January 23, 2018

Apple Adds “Performance On” Switch To Make Older iPhones Faster Again

Are you tired of using the slow old iPhones? Well then, we have a news for you. Now, Apple won’t strangle the performance of Old iPhones as the company realised that it would bring bad days to them.

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Back in 2017, Apple publically apologized for slowing down iPhones, for which the company was much criticised, that followed multiple lawsuits from many angry customers. Apple also brought down the replacement prices for some out of warranty batteries from $79 to $29 for iPhone 6 and above.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook said, ” We’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it’s very, very transparent. This hasn’t been done before.” He further stated that the next iOS update will not only enable the users to monitor the battery health but also provide the users to choose the performance over a poor battery. After the update, the users will have better idea that their iPhones have been slowed down in order to avoid unwanted shutdowns.

Apple says that is essential to suppress the iPhone’s processor as they are unable to reach the power demands of the processor as the battery ages. As of now, all we see is which application is draining the battery and how long the battery lasts. The next update thus enables the user to monitor all battery related aspects without the involvement of third-party applications.

Cook further added that the iPhones involve “a lot of innovation” and their price is quite reasonable so the possibility of the low-cost iPhones is therefore ruled out. The feature to disable the performance throttling will be out in the next iOS 11 update which would be making its way to developer release at first, possibly in March.

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