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Super Mario Run: The Top Mobile Game of 2017

2017 did not have any games that could repeat the performance of Pokémon GO but it had quite a few highly anticipated titles released. One of them brought with it the revival of one of the best-known platformer heroes of video game history - Nintendo's Super Mario


Qtum Foundation, Chronicled, and Trusted IoT Alliance Collaborate to Strengthen Connected Device Security

A UC Berkeley research team is currently looking into using applied cryptography to develop solutions for identity, ownership, and provenance validation along with other use cases at the intersection of blockchain and IoT.


This New AI Can Read Your Mind And Recreate Images From Your Thoughts

When these machines are learning to “read our minds” they’re doing it the exact same way human psychics do: by guessing. If you think of the letter “A” the computer doesn’t actually know what you’re thinking, it just knows what the brainwaves look like when you’re thinking it.

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Facebook’s Portal To Rival Amazon’s Echo Show

Facebook is going to enter the home device market this year with its first device named “Portal”. This device is notably a video chat product from Facebook. According to the sources, this product is from Facebook’s Secretive Building 8 Lab which is well known for their top-secret projects.

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Zurich Apple Store Evacuated After iPhone Battery Overheats And Emits Smoke

An iPhone battery gets overheated and starts emitting smoke leaving temporary evacuation of the Apple Store on Tuesday at the Swiss City of Zurich.

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