September 13, 2017

Here Are The Specifications, Price, Review and Release Date Details Of Newly Launched Apple Watch Series 3

Apple unveiled its brand new ‘Apple Watch Series 3’ on Tuesday at “Let’s meet at our place” media event held at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino. This new wearable device that was revealed alongside new iPhones and the Apple TV 4K, looks the same as the Series 2, except with some major changes under the hood. Let’s look at the new features, specifications, review, release date and pricing of the Apple Watch Series 3.

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  • The Apple Watch Series 3 shares the same design as prior Apple Watch models, except the rotating dial button on the side is now highlighted in red.
  • The cellular Apple Watch shares the same phone number as your iPhone.
  • Of course, it’s also faster, has GPS along with the cellular capability.
  • Water resistance is said to be “swim proof” too.
  • A new, tiny electronic SIM makes sure that Apple Watch Series 3 remains the same size as compared to the previous one.
  • Siri is faster on the Series 3, thanks to the S3 chip
  • New band colors arrive with the new Apple Watch Series 3. Existing Apple Watch bands will still fit the new generation wearable device, but more color options have been unveiled.
  • New Sports Loop that Apple describes as light, stretchy and breathable.
  • Music improvement, intelligent Siri face, etc are other features.



The Apple Watch Series 3 is virtually identical in size to the Watch Series 2 ($369.00 at Apple) but has a new, red digital crown and signal meter, as well as a built-in barometric altimeter. Color options include a new gold aluminum finish, along with silver and space black stainless steel.

S3 dual-core processor

Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a new dual core processor for more power and all day battery. Apple says the new S3 processor offers 70 % faster performance than the last generation.

An LTE-Capable

Each model of the new Apple Watch Series 3 is now split into two variants: non-LTE and LTE. The LTE model of the Apple Watch is noticeable by a red accent on the Digital Crown. The antenna, supporting both UMTS and LTE, is embedded within the entire display.

Cellular connectivity

As expected, the flagship feature of the new Apple Watch is ‘Optional built-in cellular capabilities.’ Essentially this allows you to make calls and perform simple cellular tasks like listening to Apple Music, messaging with Siri, etc without carrying around your iPhone.

It features an LTE and UMTS cellular radio that switches automatically to cellular when you’ve left your iPhone behind

Battery life

One of the biggest worries about adding cellular connectivity to a smartwatch is battery life. Apple claims we don’t need to worry, and that the Apple Watch Series 3 still offers all-day battery life, which the company specifies as 18 hours.

W2 wireless chip

This offers a claimed 85% faster Wi-Fi and is supposed to be 50% more power-efficient for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The non-LTE Apple Watch Series 3 starts at the US $329, while the LTE variant will begin at $399.

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Release date

The Apple Watch Series 3 was announced on 12 September, but it isn’t available just yet. Customers will be able to preorder Apple Watch Series 3 beginning Friday, September 15, and the devices will begin shipping on September 22.

In the related development, Apple also announced watchOS 4, which comes with new features like smart activity coaching, new workout app, gym kit, etc. WatchOS 4 will launch on September 19.


The Apple Watch Series 3 delivers a really minimal upgrade in that it essentially just adds in connectivity to its latest wearable. Overall this is an incremental upgrade over the Apple Watch 2, and only we are waiting to see the accuracy of some of the new technology in the Series 3.

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