October 3, 2017

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus Screen Cracks Open While Charging

iPhone 8 and 8 plus are making a buzz on the internet for several reasons. Be it the iFixit repairability score of iPhone 8 or the speed test comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and etc. The latest news is that reportedly the phone’s screen got split open while charging it.

There were two incidents reported where the iPhone 8’s screen got cracked open within a span of 10 days after its rollout. In an incident reported in Taiwan, the iPhone 8 plus split open while charging it. Ms.Wu bought a 64GB rosegold iPhone 8 plus. When she put her mobile on charging she observed that the front panel bulged and completely lifted off from the device. This issue occurred after five days of usage of the phone. She also reported that she used the company’s original adapter and cable while charging the phone. Later the phone was shipped to Apple for analysis.


In another incident reported in Japan, the iPhone 8 owner claimed that he was shipped an iPhone with a screen detached from the body.


It seems that the problem lies within the battery of iPhone 8. The battery of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus is manufactured by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). It is a coincidence that the same company has provided the battery for the manufacturing of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. There were several incidents reported last year that the Galaxy 7 exploded while charging the phone.

While Apple didn’t comment on the cause of this issue, the company just confirmed that they are looking into these two reports. The reason for the cause of the issue is still unclear. The problem might be from the manufacturing side or it’s just a one-off issue and the company is unlucky that they have to face this issue during the first few weeks of the phone’s release.

Apple launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus on its 10th anniversary at an event in California at Steve Jobs Theatre. It’s specifications are


  • Colors available- Silver, gray, new gold finish
  • Camera- 12MP
  • Display- 4.7-inch in iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch in iPhone 8 plus
  • Chip- A11 Bionic chip
  • Storage availabilities- 64GB and 256GB
  • OS- iOS 11
  • water and dust resistant- Yes
  • Wireless charging– Yes

Both the iPhones are available in two storage configurations 64GB and 256 GB. iPhone 8 is available for $699 and iPhone 8 plus for $799. Both the iPhones went on sale from September 22nd.

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