December 4, 2022

Application Development: Core Technology For Successful Business

Mobile app development is something essential in today’s world. Just take a look. Where are the people around you looking? That’s right, phones. Those who understand this try to make their contribution to the development of the direction. Moreover, if you have your own business that you want to take to the next level, you will need your product. 

Why Do People Need to Create a Mobile Application?

Businesses of all levels have no questions about the creation of websites today. At the same time, application development for Android, iOS, and other platforms is still not a completely clear prospect for those who want to sell their goods and services. If you’re still wondering why your business needs such a tool, realize a few simple truths:

  • Users are increasingly accessing the Internet via mobile devices, and the same version of your site is not always user-friendly and meets all of the consumer’s needs. The phone is convenient and always at hand. That’s why it is so often used for different purposes; 
  • Many of your competitors already have such applications, and they are several steps ahead of you. Don’t let them go too far. Try to beat them with a higher-quality product.

That is why it is worth at least thinking about such a development for mobile devices and gradually cultivating this idea. Believe me, no one has yet regretted this step.   

What Can a Mobile Application Offer to Your Business

This primarily increases customer loyalty and allows you to implement bonus programs. You free your customers from discount cards that keep getting lost. Now all they need is an account in your app that stores bonus information with each new order. What’s more, such an addition enhances your image and demonstrates a modern way of doing your business. It’s inspiring. The mobile application allows you to establish a new channel of communication with consumers, quickly notifying them about promotions and, good deals, important company news. 

Notifications that appear on your customers’ phones will be great helpers in attracting attention and sales. It also allows you to increase sales through convenience. Your mobile version of the store with a convenient order form is always with the customer. In addition, it’s easier to motivate customers to buy through notifications and timely service offerings. Don’t forget that such a tool on the phone will allow you to reach and retain your target audience and process their interests.

Stages of Mobile App Development

Stage 1: Analytics and drafting of technical specifications

The birth of any product begins with a need and an idea. You’re not quite clear yet, but you have an idea of what the app will be, and analysts can help you understand in detail what your goals are and what features the app should contain to achieve those goals. The most important thing during the analysis is to keep in mind the customer who downloads the app, their convenience, and the path they will take to your products and services. 

Gradually we understand what the content and functionality of the mobile app will be, and from this comes the technical specifications, according to which the project will be implemented. Don’t skip the analytics, it’s an important stage without which you won’t get a clear idea of what you need.

Stage 2: Application design and development

This is where page layouts begin to appear as part of creating an app for mobile devices, designing the app and its details, designing the app’s interface, graphic elements, and so on. Remember that you are thinking about the benefit of the users who download this product, so designing the application’s interface is very important. This is the convenience and happiness of those who will use your developments.

Stage 3: Mobile app development for Android and iOS

This is where the developers’ turn comes in, creating the code. In such a difficult business, you need experienced people who definitely will not let you down. The Techstack team is always ready to help out and demonstrate only the best performance. This is the back end of the application, which has the most important function of answering all of the user’s movements and leading them to the goal of interest, whether it is to order a product or to learn about the details of a bonus program.

Stage 4: Mobile app testing

Testing of the mobile application is done, and bugs are found, which the developers fix. The next step is to retest the new version of the app. And so on, until a satisfactory result is obtained, that can lead to a conversion. Now that the experts and the client are shaking hands after accepting the work, the moment comes when the people finally see the application and start using it. There may be other nuances that need to be corrected. But this is the moment when you see that your plans have come to fruition. 


According to experts, the best solution for business is the development and implementation of a mobile application. This is something that the modern consumer cannot do without. Those who are already using such a product or are just at the development stage are ahead of their competitors. So if you want to improve your business and succeed in your direction, be sure to use a mobile app. It is simply impossible to conquer the modern world without such a product.

About the author 

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