November 17, 2017

This Arduino-Powered “Time Control Machine” Glove Can Freez Things Like A Boss

Have you ever thought of stopping things just by waving your hand? How amazing would it be if we can do so? Don’t worry! This YouTuber named MadGyver has made it possible. As a part of his new hack, he turned his gym glove into an ‘Arduino-powered’ time freezing glove that can “stop” any moving subject.

This DIY ‘time control machine’ glove uses high-power LED controlled by an Arduino Nano, to pull off some amazing feats like stopping a fan in mid-spin or freeze the drops of water as they fall, all with a hand wave.

Watch the Video:

YouTube video

While you might not be able to actually manipulate time, this glove certainly makes it appear that way. It might not allow us to freeze objects for real but just makes things ‘appear’ to come to a halt within a fraction of a second.

This illusion is carried out by way of a strobe light that’s attached to the glove’s palm. Arduino present on the back of the glove, lets the user control the frequency of the strobe.

It’s a neat magician’s trick that would surely convince viewers to have a second look. And this effect looks like better in real life (by the naked eye, not through a camera), without black lines.

If you want to build your own DIY ‘time control machine,’ instructions can be found on and the Arduino code and schematics are available on GitHub.

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