September 14, 2021

Are Discord Servers the New Online Chat Rooms?

COVID-19 forced changed the landscape of the social world in a very short period of time, forcing many people to both stays at or even work from home. When that happened in 2020, everyone began to use different chat rooms to communicate with their friends and loved ones. Zoom meeting is one of the popular chat rooms used by many to set up a group meeting. It allows anybody to talk to other people wherever they are. But this chat room is mostly used for formal meetings, including class forums and office assembly.

On the other hand, if you are more on social meetings with your friends, Discord could be a perfect chat room for you. The more advanced features offered by Discord are enough to completely replace Zoom and other chat rooms you know.

What is Discord?

Discord is an application that enables users to talk to other people in the form of voice or text conversations. One of the best features of this app is that it keeps your conversations organized per event or topic. However, some new users may find it hard to navigate it, especially when they hear the terms “channel” and “server”. But, if you tend to use software, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, accessing Discord would be easier for you.

The app has one feature that makes it different from other chat rooms on the internet: it is easy to use and allows members to log in and out hassle-free. With that in mind, Discord became the ideal chat app for pandemic virtual get-togethers. Its simple set of features makes it easier for you to set and manage your social calendar.

Voice Channels Offered by Discord

Discord works the same way as other chat applications in terms of text channels. Moreover, it offers voice chat features, which only a few software offers. Rather than requiring the user to make a voice call with the other chat members, it enables users to use a voice channel as simple as the chat channels.

To use voice chat, you can create a channel and invite other members of the group. After that, you can talk to them whenever and wherever you want. This feature allows you to talk more openly and casually.

Talking through the voice channels of Discord is like talking to your friend at a house party – you can wander in your house while talking with them. You can easily join the conversation with just a few clicks. Aside from that, you can hop out hassle-free if you need to leave the conversation.

Beyond that, Discord also allows members of the channel to set a casual meetup. Compared to Zoom and other chat software that make voice calls only possible when someone creates an invite and disappears when the conversation ends, Discord voice channels will never be deleted. That is why this is a must-have for every individual out there who wants to hang out with their loved ones and friends online.

With the convenience offered by Discord to set up servers to meet, many gamblers also use it to play. Many live casino games at Casumo are being performed online, and most bettors and organizers use Discord to create a channel and invite other gamblers around the world.

With this in mind, many online casino games have become more popular since the pandemic started. Beginner and professional gamblers find it easy to watch casino games and place a bet within the comfort of their home. Inviting members to join the meeting can also be done in just a few clicks. Now, conventional chat rooms have been replaced by Discord because the latter is way easier to use and offers more advanced features.

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