September 17, 2022

As People Struggle, Technology Can Help With Your Pets

There is probably a 50/50 split on the planet between cat lovers and dog lovers, but many of us enjoy the pleasures both bring, whether it be a cat curling up in your lap for a short nap or your dog stretching out on the sofa with you for a little belly rub.

Particularly for dog lovers, those simple pleasures can come in all shapes and sizes, and different dog breeds always have their own traits and personalities, and at least in my experience, it is often the case that the bigger the dog, the larger the personality.

Experiences such as those will have only increased over the past few years as rates of pet ownership have spiked owing to the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and with lockdowns being enforced and self-isolation for those who caught the virus, a pet of some kind was a great way for many to alleviate the boredom and the intense lack of companionship that many intimately felt during those long periods of time.

If you are one of those people who took the proverbial plunge for a furry friend during the last few years, you will know the difference their involvement in your life has made, and having a cute bundle of fun running around your home can certainly serve as a distraction to the hours of online gaming you may have started to do, some will have even had a dabble and a play with the sports betting sites found here to while away the time and provide a different type of entertainment whilst we all largely twiddled our thumbs.

As life returns to normal now with vaccines, boosters, and additional treatments being rolled out worldwide, you yourself might be adjusting to a new normal with your pet. A return to work, a return to a greater social life, whilst also keeping up with your responsibilities as a responsible owner, can bring fresh challenges of its own, and although it is not a cure-all if your pet is now experiencing some isolation and longing issues of its own, the greater availability of technological and non-tech options for pets these days can certainly make life and the transition a little bit easier.

With a bit of planning, there are things that you can do as a pet owner to make life easier and keep your furry friend in good and high spirits. Some of these are also applicable if you are still considering taking the plunge for a new pet, and although they sound obvious, many potential owners misunderstand their importance – particularly when choosing a dog.

Do your homework, both on the breed that would suit your lifestyle, so you know the exercise commitment, their breed traits, suitability to match with children, and dietary requirements, and also the individual dog itself. If it is a puppy, have the breeder show you the conditions the pups and mother live in, prove the pedigree, the mother’s history, and so on.

If you choose to rehome, absolutely visit the dog – garner their affection through their belly! Take treats, start building trust, and look for a click but do not expect films like romanticism and fate – it takes time, and the truth is, you do not really pick the dog; the dog picks you.

So with greater tech and gadgets available, what should people be looking for?

If you have done the basics, although it is rarely applicable for older dogs, look into pet health insurance so you are not unexpectedly blindsided by a minor or serious condition – even a simple grass seed infection during summer can cost a lot more than new dog owners would think.

When it comes to the issue of veterinarians and prescriptions, never forget your local vet can provide the prescription, but many will allow you to order from reliable internet outlets for pets, and if you do that, you can save yourselves an unexpected amount of money.

Automatic water bowls are a thing, and they make lots of sense if you spend a good few hours of the day out of the house. They help keep the water fresher, so it does not go tepid or stale given the top-up function, but unless it is an incredibly hot day, for normal working hours, most people would just see sense in having more than one water bowl but ensuring that before leaving, at least one was topped up with refrigerator cooled water, with the sensible use of ice cubes.

Of far more use is a smart feeding bowl for extended periods out of the house. Not only can you track food intake for health benefits on many newer versions, but it helps keep your dog in its normal eating pattern, which will help reduce any added anxiety if you are away longer than expected.

Dog water bottles are a great investment for those gorgeous long walks, particularly when warmer. You no longer need to ask politely for a tap to fill a bowl (or try and store a bowl whilst walking). You can clip it to your belt, and your dog gets great hydration at all times.

For some real tech, long gone are the days of grooming brushes. You can now buy specifically made vacuum cleaners for your dog’s excess hair, and trust me, Husky’s in particular need that during the summer! If your breed is long-haired and highly prone to shedding, it will not remove the need for proper grooming during the year, but the cost might save you a visit or two, and it will end up paying for itself over time.

Technology has also moved past simply microchipping your pet for safety, there is now an app for everything, and you have the option to live GPS track your loved one via their collar, and if that is not enough, stick a camera in your home to see how your furry friend is getting on during the day when you are away.

There are even Fitbits for dogs. These may seem pointless, but for future health benefits, pups (slightly depending on the breed) have different maximum walking distances until they are of a certain age – equally, the same is sort of true for older dogs who you do not want to overdo their own efforts to stay lean and fit. These gadgets also mostly monitor movement during the day, so if needed, an owner can adjust a walk based on activity so far.

Let us move back to manual ball launchers. They help extend the distance your arm can throw a ball for the chase whilst minimizing your own physical activity. For more energetic dogs, you can now get automatic ball launchers that go throw for 30ft easily – so it is a large garden suitable for many, park ready for all, and if you dial back the distance, you can even use it indoors when someone needs to burn off a bit of excess energy.

And for the final offering, not tech, just common sense, especially if you have inclement weather. Get a waterproof dog coat. Invaluable for Husky’s, invaluable for all long-haired and fluffy breeds, and just as useful for everyone else, regardless of size. As any dog owner will know, if your walk needs to take place during a downpour, or you, unfortunately, get caught in one, you might get your dog dry, but that aroma never quite leaves until a bath. It is called a ‘wet dog smell’ for a reason, after all.

But I suppose ‘wet dog smell’ is one of the reasons some of us do not choose cats.

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