Introducing ATB Forum for Geeks and Bloggers

Since the beginning of my Blogging career, I was active in various groups on Facebook. It first started with a group called Tech World, then I was active on my group TRICKS.NET. Then, I was active for few days in some other groups on Facebook.

Later, I found that Facebook groups are poorly moderated, and I see a lot of abuse and personal discussions on these groups, which are not going to add any value to the community. Once, I realised that these groups are of a total waste of time, I left them immediately and remained inactive for quite a long time. I used to interact with people either via my FB Profile or Page.

Recently, I was attracted to Quora. Writing has always been a great joy for me. I not only write about Blogging but also write about Life Advice, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, etc. I have answered some good number of questions on Quora, and I will remain active on it for quite a long time.

  • You can follow me on Quora and you can also request me to answer, and I would be obliged to answer every question you request.

My main area of expertise is Blogging, SEO, Traffic Generation, Monetization, Advertising, etc. Within 45 days of getting started on Quora, I have been a Top Writer on Topics related to these categories.

most viewed on quora

Later, I realised that Quora moderation is not up to the mark and many of the questions on Quora go unanswered for various reasons. So, we decided to come up with a Forum for our readers and interact with them directly, answering every question of theirs.

About the forum:

  1. You can access the Forum at
  2. The forum runs on a popular software called Discourse. You might have seen a lot of other forums using this Software. Currently, we find this software very much flexible for our needs, but if we find a better platform in future, we won’t hesitate to make a move.

The forum is open for everyone, and you can either sign up via Google or Facebook on the forum. You can raise questions, answer questions and interact with other people on the forum. You can raise any question related to Blogging, AdSense, Technology, Gadgets, Life Advice and what not. I am completely leaving up to you. We will try to find the expert in that area and get it answered for you.

atb forum for geeks and bloggers

I would be staying very active on the Forum. Along with me my team members Anurag, Rishi, Lasya and others would also be contributing the community.

What are you waiting for? Register on ATB Forum now.


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