January 31, 2019

Automated Data Preparation for Modern Enterprises

In the digital era, there is no doubt that data is king and any enterprise that wants to remain competitive cannot ignore this essential factor. The focus on data and its implications today to day operations have seen mega brands invest millions of dollars in having a robust system that will cater to all their requirements. Big data concept has over time come from the privilege which specific industries that dealt with large numbers such as telecommunication companies and financial institutions used to be a constant element across all industries. In one way or the other, every commercial sector relies on data and with the growth of e-commerce the relevance is more than doubled.

The impacts of interpreting large volumes of data are today fundamental for making critical business decisions and gauging the direction which the organization has taken. Datasets hold so much value especially when it comes to offering insights which cannot be acquired in any other way. Since every business is established on factual and numbers in order to have reliable insights which is primarily the output of data analysis, the input must highly be considered. The quality of data input which begins with data preparation is a pillar for the success of data analysis and interpretation.

Unlike in the past where data preparation had to involve hiring skilled data scientists, today the opportunities for taking advantage of these processes are readily available. Dataprep can be done through trusted platforms which have purposefully been built to eliminate the need for manual labor while providing superior performance. This has largely been motivated by the need to keep costs low since hiring data scientists is never cheap, and the complexities of datasets call for automation. By taking this approach, organizations are able to take advantage of the fundamental process of data management without having to incur high costs which could impact their profitability.

Artificial intelligence-driven data cataloguing has been the core of the automated systems which can be used by anyone regardless of their skills in data engineering and analysis. The suitability of the intelligence based data preparation is it can be connected to any source including business applications, files, databases, ERP, and warehouses. All this is done through a simplified process which involves simple point and click techniques which can be done in the shortest duration. As businesses have more data to deal with on a regular basis, it is through the automated system that they can have the much-needed agility for enhanced competitiveness.

Traditional business intelligence tools fall short of the potentials which artificial intelligence opens for the futuristic enterprise. The end to end automation fulfills the purpose of data analysis which is to increase business efficiencies by building on their market understanding. All these come with the extra benefits of real-time monitoring where no data sets are lost but incorporated and made part of the long-term planning of the organization’s growth. The high-speed preparation of data and interpretation also leads to faster decision making allowing a business to adjust to market demands instantly. Increasingly data is unveiling insights which most organizations never had before, and with automated data systems, all the limitations are broken.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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