March 10, 2019

Ayushman Bharat Yojana How To Apply List, Login Website 2019

Ayushman Bharat Yojana How To Apply List, Login Website 2019 – On 23rd September 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana in Ranchi. Deemed the world’s largest government-funded health care programme. It covers over 50 crore beneficiaries. Almost equal to the population of Canada, Mexico and the United States taken together. The Prime Minister termed it as the game changer initiative for the poor. Even, Modi also stressed on the fact that it will have a far-reaching impact on the health care and insurance landscape. But what are the key features of the Ayushman Bharat scheme? Who will be its beneficiaries? How can any patient access healthcare under this scheme? And, how will it transform India’s ailing health sector? These are some of the questions that we will try to answer in depth today before letting you know How to Apply. Paperless, Cashless and Portable. The Ayushman Bharat Scheme was rolled up on 23rd September 2018 ahead of schedule. There will be health coverage for over 10 crore families and 50 crore people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced this scheme from the red fort. Often referred to as Modicare. The mega health insurance scheme will provide health benefits to half the population of a nation which falls under the category of economically weaker section.

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Ayushman Bharat Yojana How To Apply List, Login Website 2019

As defined in the latest socio-economic caste census database. The government will open 1.5 lakh health and wellness centres by 2022 that will be equipped to treat host disease including blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and old age illness. Ayushman Bharat will provide the insurance cover of Rs. 5 Lakh rupees per family to over 10 crore poor families. This is expected to take care of almost all secondary care and most of the tertiary care procedures. The benefit will also include pre and post hospitalisation expenses. As defined, transport allowance for Hospitalisation will also be paid to the beneficiaries.

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The benefits of portable across the country with beneficiaries allowed to take cashless benefits from any public or private empanelled hospitals. Over 8,735 Hospitals public and private are empanelled for this scheme. Ayushman Bharat will cover 8.03 crore rural and 2.33 crore urban families. To ensure that nobody is left out, especially women, children and elderly, there will be no cap on family size and age. The centre has allocated ten thousand crore rupees for the project. Expenses incurred under this scheme will be shared between the centre and the State Government in a 60:40 ratio. 31 states have agreed to implement this scheme. Odisha, Telangana, Delhi, Punjab, Kerala are however not on board.

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States are also free to continue their own health schemes. National Health Agency has announced a website and a helpline number to help beneficiaries check. If the name is in the final list, beneficiaries can visit or call the helpline 14555 to check enrollment. A beneficiary needs to feed his or her mobile number that is verified through an OTP. And, then complete the KYC or Know Your Customers online without any need for a human interface with other-talk documents details to be completed online. Each empanelled hospital will have an “Ayushman Mitra” to access patients and will coordinate with beneficiaries and the hospital. The project was first announced by Arun Jaitley in the Union Budget this year.

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In March, the Union Cabinet announced the launch of the Ayushman Bharat, National Health Protection Mission, Subsume mainly ongoing centrally sponsored schemes, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and the senior citizen health insurance scheme. The Ayushman Bharat Scheme aims to provide Health Insurance Schemes to the common people who live in the country. Which means, 40% of the country’s population will be ailing the benefits. 50 Crore people belonging to the vulnerable section will be benefitted. A helpline number and the website gives full information about the plan. The Ayushman Bharat Scheme is completely cashless and paperless. Under the scheme, treatment can be availed in both private and government hospitals.

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Regardless of the family size, everyone in the beneficiary family will get insurance cover. Further, there is no age limit to avail the benefits. The poor and rural households have been selected according to social, economic and ethnic census 2011. Every family can get health benefits upto Rs. 5 Lakh per annum with priority for girls, women and senior citizens. This scheme also covers pre-existing diseases. No hospital can refuse treatment under this scheme. At the same time, the Hospital can’t charge extra fees from the patients. Beneficiaries can avail benefits from any place in India.

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The government has also stated in its guidelines about the people who can’t avail the benefits of Ayushman Bharat Scheme. These include people who have 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheeler vehicles and a fishing boat. Those who have 3 wheel and 4 wheels agricultural equipment, Families who have a credit card limit of over Rs. 50,000 rupees. Families where a member has a government job. Families whose non-agricultural business is registered with the Government. Or, where a member earns more than Rs. 10,000 per month. Apart from this, a family that files income tax or pay professional tax are also barred from this scheme. Families with a house of 3 or more rooms with concrete walls, own refrigerator, landline phone.

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Also exempted from this scheme are people with over 2.5 acres of irrigated land with one irrigation equipment. People with more than 5 acres of 2 crop season irrigated the land. And those who own 7.5 acres or more irrigated land with irrigation equipment. The website of Ayushman Bharat i.e. will soon have a list of hospitals associated with the plan. Apart from this, it can also be checked by visiting the website by giving the name, mobile number, ration card number and RSBY URN and the name of the state, if their name is included from Treatment under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme will be cheaper than the health facilities provided under the central government health scheme.

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Here are the details of the charges of treatment and procedures under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. In May, minister of health finalised the rate list of 1352 medical procedures or packages including surgeries under the national health protection scheme of these 23 are related to serious diseases. These include orthopaedic procedures, cardiac diseases etc. under the scheme. The treatment of diseases will be cheaper by upto 20% then the central government health scheme or CGHS. The government will spend approximately eleven thousand crores on this scheme every year. Per person, the government will spend about 1100 rupees. This expense will be shared by the central and state governments. The government has issued a rate card for different treatments.

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Patients will be charged 65,000 rupees for an Angioplasty. 80,000 rupees for a knee replacement. And, 9,000 rupees for a C-section. Estimates suggest that on average, private hospitals charge Rs. 1.5 – 2 Lakh rupees for an angioplasty, 3.5 lakh rupees for Knee Replacement and 1.5 Lakh rupees for a C-Section. The fixed rates for the treatment of diseases have been uploaded on the ministries website. And, the new portal of NHPM. The other rates are 1 Lakh ten thousand rupees for a Bypass Surgery. Fourth thousand rupees for a heart stent, One lakh twenty thousand rupees for a valve replacement. Twenty thousand rupees for the Arthroscopy Surgery, Ninty thousand rupees for the hip replacement.

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Twenty-Five thousand rupees for infected knee surgery. Fifty thousand rupees for a Hysterectomy Surgery or removal of the uterus and Twenty Thousand rupees for Cervical Surgery. The government believes, treatment costs will come down now. People will also be able to get treatment impanelled private hospitals with this insurance policy. Forcing private Hospitals to lower rates. With this scheme being linked to Aadhar, the violation will also be prevented. Hopefully, in this topic, all your questions related to Ayushman Bharat Yojana Eligibility, website, log in, scheme details, online registration or application form has been cleared. Moreover, if you’re still having any doubts related to Ayushman Bharat Yojana How To Apply List, Login Website 2019, please let us know in the comment box below.

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