May 12, 2021

Back Market Review: Should You Buy Your Next iPhone Here?

Owning one of Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular trends that has lasted quite a while now. This actually isn’t surprising because Apple products usually hold their value the best among the competitors. There’s a reason why so many people prefer iPhones and Macs, and some are still even using old models.

That being said, it’s also common knowledge that Apple products aren’t exactly the most affordable. However, it’s not always a requirement to have the latest and the greatest models, which is why some have chosen practicality and prefer to buy used or refurbished iPhones.

This is where Back Market comes into the picture. You might not have heard about this company, making you scratch your head in wonder about what Back Market is. From what we can tell so far, Back Market is a reliable company and is a great place to go if you want to buy Apple products at a much affordable rate. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is Back Market?

Established in 2014, Back Market aims to change the negative connotations behind refurbished devices, making them have a more positive light instead. Back then, people would scrunch up their noses and avoid refurbished or used devices because they want something brand-new. However, thanks to Back Market, the company was able to change the narrative slowly. Now, more and more people actually don’t mind having a refurbished phone.

How Does It Work?

Back Market has a simple and straightforward process. Heading over to the Back Market official website, you’ll see that the website is well-organized and easy to navigate. You’re given an option to search for a particular device on the homepage itself if you already have something in mind.

Plus, there are tabs on the top where it neatly displays that different models and products. So whether you’re looking for an iPhone X or Macbook, everything is a click away. Once you’ve found and clicked on the product you want, you can choose which condition you want the item to be before clicking on the Buy button.

Will You Be Buying New Phones?

As mentioned, Back Market offers refurbished phones and other devices. As such, the products won’t be brand-new, however, many of them will look and feel brand-new. Even though they’re used already, you don’t have to worry too much about the wear and tear because Back Market offers a one-year warranty on the products. Besides, as mentioned, you have the option to choose the device’s condition: Fair, Good, and Excellent.

Back Market is composed of different sellers, but all of them have to undergo a thorough testing process before they can sell their refurbished devices on the platform.

What We Liked About Back Market

Thanks to Back Market, it has become incredibly easy to purchase refurbished Apple products. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that it’s a legit company that won’t scam you of your money, so that fact alone removes the risks and guesswork present in other similar companies. It’s a big bonus that Bernard Arnault, the chairman and chief executive of LVMH, supports Back Market.

We like that it categorizes the products so you have an idea of how good or bad the quality will be. Back Market also sells Apple-certified products, which means you’ll receive the same Apple warranty available to others who buy directly from Apple stores.

What We Didn’t Like About Back Market

So far, Back Market reviews online mostly have positive things to say about the platform. However, what we noticed is that the pricing can get a bit confusing for those who aren’t that familiar with the site just yet. There are listings wherein the products with Excellent condition cost less than the other with only Good condition. Naturally, this can lead to confusion. It would be great if Back Market had a more consistent pricing system.

The Bottomline: Should You Purchase From Here?

If you’re looking to purchase a new phone and you want something that won’t break the bank yet still ensuring quality, then Back Market is definitely worth checking out. The company has a wide selection of devices available, so you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for, may it be an iPad, iPhone, or Macbook.

If you’re not specifically looking for Apple products, Back Market has that too. The website has listings for general 5G phones and Samsung Galaxy devices. If you’re itching to replace your current smartphone, then Back Market may be for you.

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