December 27, 2018

How to Backup and Restore Drivers on Windows 7/8 in a Right Way

Windows device drivers installation is the most time taking process. Because most of the windows users doesn’t have drivers all the time and everyone regularly re install windows operating system because of virus attacks. We may have windows installation disk but most of the people don’t have drivers( CD/DVD). Now a days most of the laptop manufacturing companies doesn’t provide drivers installation kit and they simply give the website address.

So here I have listed you a best and working method to backup your windows PC drivers and you can restore them with in minutes of time after installing windows on your PC. This will definitely reduce the time of searching drivers for windows and installing them on your PC.

Backup and Restore Drivers on Windows 7/8:

For this purpose I tried two free windows software and they are working fine without raising any errors and problems.

Backup Drivers Using Double Driver:

I’ve never seen this type of portable utility which works effectively to perform both backup and restoring drivers. It has simple user interface with only necessary options and you can complete the whole process within minutes of ┬átime.

1. First you need to download double driver from the below link which is from a trusted software download center.

  • Download Double Driver

2. After downloading tool you will extract to a folder, navigate to that folder and click on “dd” application to start the application.

3. This application user interface is simple, click on “backup” button and select “scan current system” to get all installed drivers on your PC.

backup windows drivers

4. Now Click on select button on top of the application window and choose “select all” from the drop down menu. If you know what are the important drivers then you backup those drivers only.

5. By default this application checks “non Microsoft” drivers . So you don’t need to select any other options. Finally click on “Backup Now” button.

6. It prompts a dialogue box which asks you to choose backup location in the destination section and select “structured folder” in the output field, then click on ok button to start the backup process.

driver backup location

7. It takes some time to backup all drivers, once the process will be completed it shows a dialogue box like this

successful backup

Now Lets Check out drivers restoring process.

1. Once you click on “Restore” button it will asks you to run this application with administrative privileges. Simply click on yes button to start application again in administration mode.

restore drivers

2. Now again click on “restore” button and select “locate backup” at the bottom of the application.

3. Choose the option which one you use for backup process. Here I use default method, so select “default location” and choose the available driver backup from the list.

driver backup choosing

4. Now it list out all drivers which are taken backup by me using the default method. Its time to restore all drivers by clicking on “Restore Now” button.

restoring drivers

5. That’s it, you’ve successfully completed both backup and restoring windows pc drivers without any problem.


1. At the time of restoring drivers you need to give some permission to run non authorized drivers. If you know all drivers are good then you can restore them without any worries.

2.This application only perform backup and restoring of drivers but not update your windows drivers.

You can also try slimdrivers utility to backup drivers.

If you have any trouble in restoring or backing up your drivers do let us know in your comments.

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