January 30, 2018

You Can Now Become A News Reporter Using Google Bulletin – Find Out How?

Information is one vital thing in our day-to-day lives. It is important for this information to be accurate as it is necessary for us to make certain rightful decisions. There are people who are good at analyzing and dissecting information and also share the correct information. For those dreaming about becoming a Journalist, here’s an opportunity for you to become one. Google has come up with the right platform for you. The Californian tech giant, Google has bought a new platform called Bulletin that lands on the idea of citizen journalism which relies on the user-contributed content.

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With the growing technology, it is getting easier to find news. But there are certain happenings that often goes under-reported. This is where Google’s Bulletin comes to picture. Bulletin enables the user to add photos, videos and text and share them instantaneously. Users can maintain some kind of live blog where they can update information in real time. They also have access to analytics data to know demographics and count of their readership which helps them to know about their content performance online.¬† The best thing is you don’t need to worry about building up a target audience as Google handles it by itself.

Every uploaded and published content, image or video are accessible on Google search, which means that every detail you upload will be made public. Apart from the content being public, it can be shared on various social media platforms and instant messaging applications via links.

One of the most important detail google is concerned about is the authenticity of the content shared by self-declared citizen journalists. Currently, Google is having Bulletin’s test run in Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland, California. Interested people can fill their early access form to get enrolled.

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