January 11, 2024

Beginner’s Guide To Swap Faces with An AI Swapper App

Ever found yourself frustrated, spending endless hours trying to swap faces in photos and videos? If you’re on the lookout for a free and effective solution, say hello to FaceSwapper AI! Join us on a journey through this article as we explore its features, use cases, and alternatives, and answer some frequently asked questions about this handy AI tool.

What is Face Swapper?

FaceSwapper is an online AI face swapping tool designed for users to seamlessly swap their faces with any other faces. It boasts a simple interface and a beautiful UI, making face swapping easy for everyone. The tool currently supports photo face swapping and also allows users to swap faces into GIF images. Additionally, FaceSwapper offers a free version, providing users with the opportunity to experience its services. Newly registered users can enjoy a welcome gift of 20 free credits.

The workflow of this face swap tool is straightforward. Users need to upload a base photo and choose a target photo from the provided presets. The AI will then instantly swap faces and return the results. The advanced algorithm ensures a seamless face-swapping experience.

How Does Face Swapper work?

AI face swap tools use smart computer programs to cleverly replace faces in photos or GIFs. These tools work by recognizing the faces in a given image or animation and then seamlessly swapping them with the faces you choose. The technology behind it ensures that the swapped faces look realistic and blend seamlessly with the original content. It’s like magic for your pictures and GIFs, allowing you to create fun and amusing visual stories with just a few clicks.

Fun Features of Face Swapper

AI Photo Face Swapper

Transform ordinary photos into hilarious masterpieces! With the AI Photo Face Swapper, you can easily switch faces in your pictures. Upload a photo, choose the faces you want to swap, and let the AI work its magic. The result? Amusing and shareable images that will add a touch of humor to your photo collection.

AI GIF Face Swapper

Take your fun to the next level with the AI GIF Face Swapper! Now, you can create animated face swaps that bring static images to life. Whether you want to surprise your friends with quirky GIFs or add a playful twist to your social media posts, this feature allows you to swap faces in dynamic and engaging ways. Upload your GIF, select the faces, and enjoy the entertaining outcome of AI-driven face swapping in motion!

How to Swap Face into a Photo

Step 1: Upload your base photo by clicking on the Add Photo bar. Then upload another photo that contains a face you want to replace. Faceswapper also provides some excellent face presets that you can choose from.

Step 2: Once the two images are added, go to the next step. Press “Swap Face Now” and let the AI do its work. Faceswapper AI will analyze the faces, creating a new image with seamlessly swapped faces.

Step 3: Preview the swapped result and click “Compare” to see the difference. Once satisfied, download the image and enjoy a good laugh at your creative creation!

How to Swap Face into a GIF

Step 1: Select a GIF: Choose a GIF (a short, moving image) that you want to spice up. Currently, FaceSwapper offers six interesting GIF templates for your choice. You can choose one and load it into the AI face swap tool.

Step 2: Upload a Picture: upload a selfie or portrait. Ensure the face in the photo is clear and uncovered. It is better if the pic was taken from the front view by the camera.

Step 3: Swap face into the GIF. Click “Start Swap Face” and let AI do the rest. This process may last several seconds. Wait a moment and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Step 4: Preview the GIF to ensure it looks amusing. If it does, save and share your lively face-swapped creation!

How Much Does FaceSwapper Cost?

FaceSwapper offers both free and paid plans so that users at any level can swap faces with this AI easily. Free users can get 20 credits once signing up for the site. Each face-swapping action will cost one credit. Every week FaceSwapper will release new free credits for free users.

For those who have a great need for face swapping, faceswapper offers a variety of premium options for choice. The monthly plan starts at $5.99, or you can opt for their annual plan, which will cost you $29 at least.

Here’s what you get when you purchase their premium plans:

  • Many credits to ensure a smooth face swap experience.
  • Credits Renewed Monthly.
  • Email Support from support team.
  • No Ads on swapped photos.

Face Swapper Pros and Cons


  • Instant and automatic face swapping.
  • Guarantee high-resolution output of face swapping.
  • Swap face into a GIF in seconds.
  • Free credits are offered to help new users take a try.
  • The swapped face looks very natural.
  • No watermarks.


  • Unavailable on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Face-swapping speed may be a bit slow at times.
  • Lack of integrated share options on the site.


Is FaceSwapper Legit?

Yes, FaceSwapper is legitimate and not a scam website. However, users are urged to use the technology responsibly and avoid any misuse, as using someone’s likeness without consent raises ethical, moral, and legal concerns.

Is FaceSwapper Safe?

Yes, FaceSwapper is safe when used correctly and responsibly. Safety is assessed based on data protection, user privacy, and the ethical application of its technology. Users should exercise caution, understand the platform’s terms of use and privacy policies, and ensure responsible use of personal data.

Can I use FaceSwapper AI for Free?

Yes, FaceSwapper AI offers a free version with limited functionalities. While users can access basic features without charges, upgrading to the paid version is necessary for advanced functions and high-resolution deepfake videos.

Is FaceSwapper Worth It?

Absolutely, FaceSwapper is worthwhile for those in need of such software. It is recommended for creating deep fake videos, face swaps, and GIFs. Despite some reported issues with account cancellations, the platform’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it accessible even for those without video editing experience. FaceSwapper streamlines face swap and deep fake video creation, offering time and cost savings while providing opportunities for both individual creators and businesses to monetize their content. Given its potential value addition, FaceSwapper proves to be a valuable tool in the realm of AI face swapping.

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