March 15, 2020

Benefits of Using Vanity Phone Numbers for Your Business

In contemporary times, customers want to buy products and avail services from a business that they can easily relate to, and contact easily. This brings us to the question ‘why are vanity phone numbers important for a business?’. The article below will provide you all the benefits of vanity 800 numbers.

Easy To Remember

Understandably, vanity phone numbers are easy to remember, which is why they are rated number one for many businesses. If you happen to compare a vanity number with any generic one, you will realize that the former has simple words or phrases.

It is convenient for the business audience to remember such a number, which is not a 10-digit, random string of numbers. Customized vanity numbers have made it easy for customers to reach your business. For instance, a vanity number like 1-800-NEW-AUTO is easy to memorize as compared to 1-800-585-1234.

More Valuable Leads

You may be a bit surprised to see this on our list, but for many businesses, the vanity phone numbers have been found beneficial in terms of leads generation. In modern times, attracting new customers for your business, product, or service is the hardest task. Building long-term relationships with your customers require a lot of effort and time.

Therefore, it is important on your business end to employ suitable tools to build connections. Having a customer on the inbound calls tend to eliminate steps in the sales procedure as you are on a direct call with your customer. The vanity phone number has been made easy for the customers to remember your business.

Great Branding Tool

A vanity phone number has been reported as a great branding tool. It attempts to improve branding for your business. Since vanity phone numbers are easy to recall, they can support your business to develop strong brand recognition.

It is considered to be one of the simplest marketing strategies, which is budget-friendly and puts effort to leave a strong brand name in the minds of the audience. It also helps customers create a definite link between a vanity number of a business and its brand name. It won’t be wrong here to mention that branding and identity play an active role in maximizing a company’s profitability.

Tell Clients Who You Are

The vanity toll free numbers offer a lot to customers and businesses. They tell clients about your business, such as who you are and what you deliver. It is advantageous on customers’ end because they can quickly evaluate and learn about the potential services or products of your business at a glimpse.

But, it is only possible when you have well-incorporated your business in the number. A few ideal examples are 1-800-LAWYER, 2-356-SHOES, and 1-755-DRESSES. Remember to keep it short, simple, easy, and try to avoid using the incorrect spelling that might confuse your audience.

Increase Your ROI

Are you wondering how a vanity phone number can be financially beneficial for your business? Then, you need to learn that it put efforts to ramp up your ROI (Return on Investments). It is reported that inbound calls expedite the return revenue ten times quicker as compared to web leads. It means that calls are directly proportional to sales volume. The moment you have succeeded in boosting your business calls, the sales will automatically accelerate.

Every business aims to employ a marketing strategy that would be appealing to clients in order to enhance sales volume. The vanity phone number is one of the rewarding and reliable marketing strategies that can boost sales volume for both new and existing businesses.

Vanity phone numbers simultaneously work to create a reputable brand name, establish a distinctive business identity, and attempt to leave a positive impression on the targeted audience. As a result, your business is in a superior position to enhance the customer base and improve its profitability.

More Flexibility

The vanity phone numbers are well-suited to strengthen your business flexibility. When you have gained a professional vanity phone solution, you can expect ultimate flexibility for your business.

If your business is delivering services all across the country, it means a customer is making a direct call to your office phone with the help of a vanity number. This way, a business owner can experience portability while his business is delivering efficient and effective customer services.

A business is no more tied to one specific location, and it can offer services to its customers from any part of the word. The complete portability allows your business to be more professional and gain more customers. Nowadays, customized phone solutions are trending and they provide the right amount of flexibility.

Track Interest

If your business contains separate divisions, business units, functional departments, offer different products, provides multiple services, and deals in a diverse range of business activities, then it is complicated on your end to track the interest of different customers.

Perhaps, your business has to run different marketing strategies and ROI campaigns to keep track of various targeted audience groups. However, if you are looking for a viable, reliable, and cost-friendly solution, then we would recommend you pick out vanity phone numbers specific to each division, department, product, and service to maintain a record of different customers.

This way, your business can run promotional or marketing campaigns by analyzing the traffic data and tracking the interests of customers to serve their needs adequately.

Easy To Recommend

Lastly, I would like to mention that a vanity phone number is easy to recommend. Logically, when customers find a professional business vanity number easy to understand and easy to recall, this automatically makes a number easy to recommend as well.

It is quite catchy for your customers to memorize your business number, which makes it convenient for them to spread word of mouth about your business. For instance, when your customers are happy with your services and products, they would like to recommend them to others. The vanity phone number will make it easy peasy lemon squeezy for your customers to pass contact information.

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Imran Uddin

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