August 13, 2020

Best 3 Alternatives For Viral Launch

Leveraging the right set of best Amazon seller tools can be crucial for your Amazon selling business and define your success. There are many available solutions on the market, but sellers need to find the right one to fit their budget and all business needs. Finding the right set of tools will ultimately level up your business, but don’t think that pricey solutions are always the best. It is always smarter to invest money in product inventory and campaigns.

Viral Launch is one of the leading software solutions for Amazon sellers, but other great alternatives offer the same functionality for a better price. Check out which alternatives are as good as Viral Launch, or even better.

Helium 10

This innovative software solution has a lot of new features available within its package. It offers even more features than the Viral Launch, but make sure you need all of them before you purchase this software solution.

Black Box by Helium 10 is a product research tool that uses advanced filters to discover new product ideas that fit your precise criteria. Sellers can instantly analyze the average sales volume, price, and competition of any item, empowering them to perform product research within seconds that would last several hours without this feature. All product ideas can be saved for later and organized by category or niche.

Xray is Helium’s Chrome Extension, and it gathers several tools available on Amazon pages. Xray covers:

  • Profitability Calculator tool
  • Inventory Levels tool
  • Review the Downloader tool
  • Although Xray tool
  • Review the Downloader tool
  • PPC analytics
  • Revenue estimates
  • Sales trends, and more.

Trendster is a feature that will let you track the seasonality of products and all trends.

Magnet by Helium 10 is a keyword research tool with an extensive database that will help you find relevant keywords for your products. Sellers can try out this feature for free, with a limited two uses per day.

With the Cerebro tool, sellers will be able to discover which keywords their rivals are trying to rank for, optimize their product listings properly, and boost their sales. Also, sellers can check the number of units per keyword required to rank on the 1st page of Amazon search results.

Scribbles is a product listing tool that will help you build top-notch listings on a dime. You will never miss important keywords or overuse them, all of your listings will be optimized for a better ranking and high conversion.

Keyword Tracker assists sellers in tracking products’ rankings and their fluctuations over time to identify what works and what doesn’t when optimizing them.

Profits is a great feature to track your company’s progress. With this tool, you will be able to check all aspects of your business, such as:

  • Net profits
  • Profit margins
  • Gross revenue
  • Sales trends
  • ROI
  • Promotions
  • And much more.

Misspellinator is a tool that will show you the most common typing mistakes so that you can use them as your additional keywords.

Instead of a free trial period, Helium 10 allows users to try their features for free, with their free package. Aldo, this free package includes all of the features, a lot of them are limited on 30 days of free use. Helium 10 pricing plans start from $47 per month.

IO Scout

IO Scout is all in one solution for Amazon sellers to help you stay on top of your competition. This comprehensive software solution will assist you in running your online business more efficiently, and you will be able to make better strategic decisions according to the reliable data you get from this software.

Product Finder tool helps you find the best product ideas, with high-profit margins, low competition, and high demand. With customizing filters, sellers can find products that fit their criteria perfectly. The number of searches IO Scout supports is infinite, and you can use this option to discover new profitable niches and expand your store even more.

All of the data in the Product Tracker feature is highly accurate and reliable, and it’s updated every hour. This tool allows you to track your product ideas and trends, such as price and seasonality trends, and much more. Every product idea can be bookmarked, saved for later, and organized by product category, niche, or any other sub-category. All the data will be available to you in one place, and you can compare different products to determine which one is the best to put on the market. Product Tracker also provides you with information about the suppliers worldwide to turn your product ideas to reality.

Trends and History feature provides sellers with insight into the product’s historical and trends data. With intuitive graphs, sellers can easily determine, understand, and track product’s seasonal trends, price fluctuations over time, and much more.

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Keywords are an essential part of product listings, and sellers who use Keyword Scout will be able to optimize their product listings for a better ranking and higher conversion rates.

IO Scout also features a Google Chrome Extension. All the most important data for product analysis will be available right on Amazon pages.

Listing Builder is another essential tool that will help you optimize your product listings in the best possible way, draw more potential customers and profit.

IO Scout offers Amazon Sales Estimator and IO Scout FBA Revenue Calculator for free. These tools will point out the high accuracy and accountability of this software solution.

IO Scout has something that none of the other software solutions don’t – a personal assistant. Sellers will save a lot of time, money, and effort because they won’t have to attend countless courses, webinars and read tons of articles. They will have their personal consultant that is highly competent in Amazon online business. The personal assistant is available 24/7 and opens to help you with all aspects of your online store.

Another perspective of why IO Scout is the best alternative for Viral Launch is its price. IO Scout is the most budget-friendly solution on the market, while it offers the same functionality with additional features. Their pricing plans start at amazing $14 per month for annual subscriptions, and $29 for the monthly plan. Also, there is a 14-days money-back guarantee, so this software solution is entirely risk-free.


AMZScout is created to provide you with additional research and data for the Amazon marketplace that can’t be found on Google or just by looking at Amazon. They have all the necessary tools from product researches to Chrome extension.

Product Search tool by AMZScout will provide you with an insight into what products are trending and high in demand on this selling platform. You will be able to discover new product ideas and profitable products to list in your online store.

Sales Estimator shows you the estimated number of sales for a given time frame. This feature will help you understand how well a particular product is operating on the market.

FBA Fee Calculator is crucial for sellers who use the FBA selling model. Understanding all of the fees related to FBA will help you determine whether a specific product is profitable and what budget you should prepare for the fulfillment method.

Product Tracker feature allows you to track rivals’ products and observe their sales. If you’re interested in a specific product, you can track it to check its performance on the market.

AMZScout Keyword Research Tool helps sellers find valuable, relevant keywords to use in product listings for a better ranking.

Data Analytics, besides the analysis, provides information about suppliers, and where to find them.

AMZScout doesn’t have an actual free trial period, the have a 7-day money-back trial period, meaning that you have to cancel the plan after seven days if you’re not satisfied, and they will do a refund. Their PRO Extension is available for $49.87 per month and $49.87 per month for the Amazon Seller’s Bundle. If you choose an annual subscription, prices are slightly lower.

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