May 22, 2018

200+ Best Funny Wi-Fi Names of Router Network SSID

In this fast-moving technological world, most of the people have the Internet connection in their homes and offices even though the internet is not necessary for their work. Nowadays, we rarely find a place where we don’t get internet services. Wherever people go, they first check for wireless internet connection. Thus, everyone is providing Wi-Fi as a minimum facility to their customers.

In this regard, creative people think of cool, hilarious and unique Wi-Fi names. If you bought a new router, then first you need to change the Wi-Fi name of the router network SSID (Service Set Identifier). A good and unique SSID not only makes it easy to identify your network when you need to connect new devices, it also serves as a conversation starter when friends come over and it can provide a brief moment of amusement for strangers.


Now the question is ‘Where to find the Best Wi-Fi names?’ Surely, it is a difficult task to find good and unique names for Wi-Fi router. Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Here, I am going to share a few cool, funny, unique names to Wi-Fi your router. You can take them wholesale and use them as is. After seeing this Wi-Fi names, your friends and neighbors surely surprise.

Best Wi-Fi Names For Your Router:

Mom Use This One

Abraham Linksys

Benjamin FrankLAN

Martin Router King

John Wilkes Bluetooth

Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Bill Wi the Science Fi

I Believe Wi Can Fi

Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her

No More Mister Wi-Fi

LAN Solo

The LAN Before Time

Silence of the LANs

House LANister

Winternet Is Coming

Ping’s Landing

The Ping in the North

This LAN Is My LAN

Get Off My LAN

The Promised LAN

The LAN Down Under

FBI Surveillance Van 4

Area 51 Test Site

Drive-By Wi-Fi (for automobile hotspot)

Planet Express (for automobile hotspot)

Wu Tang LAN

Darude LANstorm

Never Gonna Give You Up

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi




Virus-Infected Wi-Fi

Starbucks Wi-Fi

Text ###-#### for Password

Yell ____ for Password

The Password Is 1234

Free Public Wi-Fi

No Free Wi-Fi Here

Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi

It Hurts When IP

Dora the Internet Explorer

404 Wi-Fi Unavailable


Titanic Syncing

Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore

Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

Life in the Fast LAN

The Creep Next Door

Ye Olde Internet

Don’t even try it

Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead

No Free Wifi for you

My Damn Internet


Virus Infected WiFi


You Pay Now


Mom Use This One

Go Home Tourists


For Porn Use Only

Feel Like Flying

Bring Beer and Women to 40.2

Your grammar is more annoying

Your music is annoying

The Next Door

Virus WiFi


Click this

Last night I saw you naked

No Wires, Still alive and working

Hack me

Network error

Ye old Internet


Nacho WiFi

Please use me


Umbrella Corporation

Log in here!

Find nearby WiFi

Free CeX

Rahul Gandhi Youth Network

Manmohan Singh Browser

I can read your emails


Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi

Network Not Found

Go Go Gadget Internet


Yell “Doggy” to know password

Justin Bieber trivia questions

Don’t Snoop

These are some of the funny, unique Wi-Fi names.

How to Choose a Wi-Fi Network SSID?

When you pick the name that you created, there are a few things that you should consider. They are:

  • Never include personal information like your real name, address, birth date, etc.
  • Aim for unique but memorable.
  • Never make the SSID related to the network password.
  • Avoid provocative SSIDs that might make your network a prime target for hackers.

If you follow or consider these things, then there are no security risks. If you’re thinking to hide your SSID to keep hackers away, don’t bother, even if the SSID isn’t being broadcast, it can still be found using packet sniffers and probe requests.

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Network SSID?

Even though some people have Wi-Fi internet connection, they have default wireless names for a router. They even don’t know how to change Wi-Fi name of the router. For those people, I shared the steps for ‘How to change Wi-Fi name of a Router?’

After you pick a name for your network, then you have to change a setting on your router to make the name display or work. Follow the below steps and you will get it done.

1. First, Log into your router as Admin

Different router manufacturers provide different admin panel softwares and sometimes, it even differs from model to model, but the login procedure is almost same for all of them. For this, I am using Windows 10 and TP-Link router.


  • Open Command Prompt (type “cmd” in the search bar of Start Menu) and type in the following command “ipconfig” and hit Enter.
  • In the next window, find ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi’. Under it, find the item labeled Default Gateway. It shows the IP address of your router. Now type the IP address in the address bar of a web browser and you will see your router’s admin login page.
  • 168.0.1 or will work most of the times. If it doesn’t work, you should look the instructions in router’s manual to check if there are any special steps.


For admin login credentials, you will find the defaults for your router in the manual as well. Mostly, admin/admin/1234 would be the credentials. In case if they don’t work, check to see credentials for your specific model.

2. Edit the Device’s SSID


After logging in, look for the navigation bar. Look for a section called Wireless, Wireless Networks, Wi-Fi, Wireless Settings or along those lines. Click on it and you will be directed to the page where you can edit your router’s SSID. Type the new SSID and click Save.


Note: This changes will disconnect all the devices forcing them to reconnect to the newly named network.

Let us know us what name you’re using for your Wi-Fi network SSID.

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