June 24, 2021

Best Applications to Grow Your Business

Three decades ago, computers were introduced, and the tech world has never been the same ever since. The launch was seen as a god-sent gift. It was so because the computer completes all the time-consuming tasks in one go! Typing, management, accounting, and finances are to name a few tasks handled proficiently by the technology.

Fast forward to the present day, technology has become more advanced. In this digital era, plenty of applications have been introduced. These applications enable business owners to streamline everyday operations efficiently. Additionally, there are many software programs on desktops to that make way for the management of apps installed on phone.

While applications have made things easier for businesses, it’s crucial for any business, be it small or large, to have a fully functional, professional website. Building a top-notch website isn’t difficult today, especially with website builders like BOWWE. You can read how BOWWE works in detail on our blog.

Having a website is a prerequisite for a business to grow in today’s age but we can’t deny the importance of applications. Entrepreneurs can grow their business with the help of applications, managing tasks on the go anywhere at any time. Below is a list of some applications that can help you grow your business exponentially.


Slack was just an instant messaging platform initially. However, in actuality, the app enhances work productivity like no one! The application enables you to communicate with your associates instantly.

Once you download the app, you can share everything. This means you can share pictures, files, and links with one another. Either send it one by one or send it to multiple people at once.

The application is available on Google Play Store and iOS. In addition, the web feature of Slack is also available.

The business app sorts out communication glitches. It aims to bring the team all together through a proper channel. In turn, the risk of miscommunication is reduced, and everyone is on board as one. Additionally, organizations are allowed to create a community channel or, they can join a community channel to stay in touch.

Further, when business owners act as ambassadors, they enhance the growth of a business. In turn, it benefits you and your company!


LinkedIn is an ideal choice if you wish to create a noticeable professional network channel. The social networking app helps enterprises stay in contact with friends, colleagues, and other significant connections. All of which can certainly benefit your business.

The app presents a way to market your business among people in the same industry as yours. As per an estimate, up to 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business.

It incorporates marketing tools for every size and type of business. For this reason, you’re advised to create your business profile on LinkedIn and display it among prominent business profiles. In turn, it helps in successful brand recognition and enhances the growth graph of your company.

LinkedIn is also available on iOS and Google Play Store. Plus, it is available through a web browser.


Calendly is yet another web and computer application that helps business owners to schedules their busy life. The application keeps a check on your business schedule. In addition, the app suggests a way for clients, partners, and associates to schedule meetings efficiently.

The best part is that you can sync Calendly with Google calendar.

Calendly is considered a scheduling genius. It chases your availability and helps you in choosing the meeting type accordingly. It connects your schedule with the calendar so that you aren’t double-booked on any day.


As the name suggests, Expensify chases your business expense. This means the application manages expense or purchase reports for your business. A newly launched company is in need to purchase things always. The app helps you to keep an eye on your expense.

The app records your purchase and expense data creates reports for you and helps you in reimbursing employees. It collects all the relevant data and helps your finance team in financial reporting. In turn, you can cut down the minor expenses and invest in essential business-related things.

The application is also available at Google Play Store, iOS, and as a web browser.

Badger Maps

Badger application helps you in delivering products and services to your clients. The app is a sales route optimization, helping you visiting clients more efficiently. It visualizes CRM data and finds the best route for each stop in the day.

You can also turn the feature on to get weekly reports delivered. Thus, helping you to trace the client’s progress. In turn, it saves a sufficient amount of time and adds more meetings to your day. All of this benefits your business in growth.

The app is available on Google Play Store, iOS, and as a web browser.


Twitter is a popular name in the industry and a significant resource for business growth. It helps you in engaging with potential clients and PR leaders. It offers you to follow clients, help to gain deeper insights on relevant topics.

Furthermore, you can drop instant tweets related to your new product and news of your business. It is an advanced way to step up on the game and, customers stay up to date about noteworthy events. Therefore, when you reach clients through Twitter, it enhances your brand awareness and connects you with more and more clients.

Additionally, the Twitter analytics feature keeps an eye on your following and engagement rate. The app is available as a web browser and on Google play store and iOS.


CamScanner is a go-to option for the instant sharing of documents. It helps you in clicking pictures of your crucial documents and converts them into JPG and PDF files. The app offers sufficient cloud storage, lending a helping hand to access and sharing documents.

The app is available as a web browser and on Google Play Store and iOS.

It won’t be wrong to say that there’s an app for every business aspect today. To grow your business without exhausting yourself, the right use of the right apps at the right time is extremely critical. To read more about how you can grow your business today, you can go to BOWWE Business blog and do the things right, right in time.

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