December 23, 2018

Best Browser for Android Smartphone/ Tablet

Day by day, there are many browsers available on Internet. In Recent times, due to the development of Foreign products, Indian products are being outranked by them. Also, Users now-a-days often get stuck bouncing between two or three redirects because of apps, mobile sites, and link shorteners. User will be sticked to the blank page which takes sometime and nothing can be displayed till it gets loaded completely. The result is lots of wasted seconds waiting for links to actually resolve at the final destination of your search.

Link Bubble, a recent app rolling in Google Play Store from Chris Lacy changes the same by loading links in the background with an awesome floating browser. This is the one which is becoming viral on every android phones these daysLet us look into detail about the features of this best browser for your android smartphone.


How to Install Link Bubble Application :

Installing Link Bubble App is same as other installing other Apps. All you need is to Goto Google Play Store and search for Link Bubble. You can find Lite Version and PRO Version. Select and Install this App you tend to Use. Link PRO has many Advantages and Efficient than Lite version. Link Bubble Lite is for FREE where as Link Bubble PRO is available for Rs.249.99. ($4.99). Grab the PRO offer now or else this will be expensive within no time because of its overwhelming response all over.

Link-bubble-lite     Link-bubble-pro

How Link Bubble Works :

Once if you try to open a link from your Facebook account, it bounces you through the Google URL shortner or Bitly or any URL Shortner, which adds a few seconds. You can get to the page, but that may redirect again to a mobile version. Why to stare at the loading screen while all that happens? With Link Bubble, the page starts loading in the background and you continue scrolling through the timeline until the content is ready. You will be getting a pop-up icon at side and it simply pops up in a separate browser panel when all that junk is done. You can leave the page minimized and the bubble docks itself to the edge of the screen like a Facebook chat head. It can be dragged to any location that’s convenient and left until you want to open it up.

 Check the Youtube video of Link Bubble by Chris Lacy

YouTube video

You can check the details of time saved in the below screenshots

link-bubble-time-save     link-bubble-time-saver

Advantages of Link Bubble :

There are some unique specifications which make Link Bubble as Best Browser.

  • Link Bubble keeps track of the amount of time you save on average and also how much has been saved overall.
  • Pop up saves the staring time. Those seconds really do start to add up.
  • Link Bubble does all without ANY special permissions.
  • For the especially paranoid, there’s an incognito mode that prevents Link Bubble from saving history.
  • Link Bubble does more that just run a floating browser
  • The bottom location will close all open bubbles if you drop the stack on it, but the two appearing in the top corners are configurable

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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