January 20, 2021

The Best Chat Games Online of 2021

In our quest for finding the best chat games online, we take a look at the best online games with chat rooms that you can enjoy playing with friends.

Do you love gaming but also enjoy socializing with friends? Maybe you even love hanging out with your buddies, and you’re all looking for some fun game to play. Take the boredom away by engaging in these online games with chat rooms. Bets of all? You can try them for free!

Why Play Online Games with Chat Rooms

There are many reasons why a lot of players nowadays are quickly switching to chat games online. Although we’ll only be scratching the surface here, we’ll give you the three most important reasons:

  • Make New Friends—Who said online gaming is strictly one person playing games alone in his/her/their room? With the arrival of these fantastic online chat room games, playing can now become a social function!
  • Kick Out Boredom—Maybe you frequently hang out with your friends, and you’re all looking for something new and fun to do? Though most shops are now open, it’s still challenging to go out and socialize because of the pandemic. The best alternative? Chat games online!
  • Empower Camaraderie—Playing socially-active games like chat rooms is a great way to deepen and enhance bonds among players. If you’ve always been a team player, then these online games with chat rooms are definitely for you!

The Best Chat Games Online You Can Play


One of the top games we’ve seen so far is Habbo. It’s a great place to play with old friends and make new ones. This game is a virtual MMO that includes features like:

  • Crafting
  • Role-playing
  • Trading
  • Chatting

This game also allows you to make lots of personalized custom options. You can even play it without having to pay subscription fees. So far, this is the best platform where we’ve seen the real power of online games with chat rooms.

Planet Calypso

What’s not to love about Planet Calypso? This game has quickly been amassing players from all around the world for its superb graphics and layout. It’s also in the sci-fi fantasy genre, so all you geeky nerds out there can turn this into your next paradise!

Another thing we love with Planet Calypso is that it offers:

  • Free social gaming and downloads through the hassle-free sign-up process.
  • A sophisticated cash economy where players can trade and invest, chat, and socialize with fellow players.

Of course, if you’re the kind of gamer who wants the best experience, you can always grab their premium plans at a very affordable rate.

It’s an altogether different kind of MMO experience. One of the best chat games online we’ve ever seen.


We all love playing games, whether it’s an RPG, FPS, or something more casual. But the best part of gaming also involves a lot of social interaction.

It’s always amazing to enjoy a round of online gaming while chatting with your fellow players as well! Are your friend’s gamers like you? Then these games are the best boredom killer!


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