April 2, 2019

Best Whatsapp Status Video/Images 2020

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a free cross-platform communication services app. It is owned by Facebook Inc. Initially launched in 2009, WhatsApp was previously owned by two Yahoo employees who had quit their jobs and spent considerable time on developing an app that would allow people to update their statuses next to their name. After several failed attempts, finally, in 2009, they were able to craft and launch WhatsApp’s successfully running version.

WhatsApp’s popularity grew gradually over the years. By 2013, it had 400 million active users. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp. Since that day, the app is being constantly improved in alignment with the latest communication technologies.

WhatsApp allows smartphone users with Android and iOS software to download, install, and use its services. Other than these two, WhatsApp is also compatible with KaiOS and has the ability to be used over the web via laptop and desktop PCs too. Additionally, WhatsApp has separate versions for businesses, using Android and iOS software.

Features of Whatsapp

The apps feature consists of sending text and voice messages, video calling, internet calling, setting up statuses, and exchanging videos, audios, images in addition to documents of all formats. On top of all that, Whatsapp allows the formation of groups and consists of special features for its business users. In order to access WhatsApp’s services via the web, users need to visit: https://web.whatsapp.com/ and follow instructions. Unlike other messaging services, what made WhatsApp one of the top-notch apps was its developers’ focus on constant improvement.

One of WhatsApp’s most prominent features is that it allows users to set active statuses. In the next section, let’s explore the uses of WhatsApp Statuses and how they give the liberty of expressing oneself through them.

What Is Whatsapp Status?

WhatsApp Status is a feature of WhatsApp, which allows users to upload photos, videos, text, and GIFs as their current status. The media uploaded can give off a person’s current location or inform people about a current event such as attending a wedding or at a concert etc. Just like Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses can be updated easily and frequently.

In order for users to receive each other’s statuses, they need to have each others’ contact numbers saved in the address book. However, the app makes provision for privacy settings, which allow users to restrict and allow people in their contact lists to view their status updates.

Similar to WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp statuses can also be muted without letting the other person know that you have muted them. Anyone who is in your contact list except for the ones you restrict can view your status on WhatsApp. In addition to it, people who have hidden their last seen or turned their read receipts off will not appear in the list of persons who viewed your status. Other than this exception, normally a person updating their status on WhatsApp can view who has seen it.

How to Update Whatsapp Statuses?

Users who wish to create, edit or delete their WhatsApp statuses need to visit the ‘Status Tab’ on their phone. Once they click on it, they need to tap on the ‘My Status’ option and upload any photo, video or GIF they want. Users may also take a photo or record a video and upload it instantly with the help of the ‘Shutter’ button.

Users who already have a status set must tap on the ‘+’ sign and add more media if they want. Similarly, those who wish to edit a status can do so by tapping on the edit options available. Be mindful; editing can only be done before someone ‘sends’ their status to be uploaded online and not after that. The status feature allows users to assign creative captions to their media. They can also add filters, stickers, or catchy text to attract more viewers and be creative with their status.

Those who wish to delete their WhatsApp status can easily do this by tapping the 3 dots. Once the dots have been tapped, the user can select the ‘delete’ option and be done with it. WhatsApp Statuses disappear after 24 hours of them being updated, and their privacy can be altered. Users may also share and forward WhatsApp statuses they like.

Who Uses Whatsapp Status Feature And Why?

Many individuals who like to be creative with their social media use WhatsApp Status. Other than them, artists, storytellers; whether visual or other kinds, and generally, people who like to make an impact on those around them use this feature to upload positive and uplifting messages daily.

WhatsApp Statuses are quite popular among users of all ages, and they help people align with their like-minded people too. People like to consume content as per their tastes, and WhatsApp Statuses help users do just that. The sharing option also allows users to share anything they like.

Other than this, the benefits of using WhatsApp Statuses do include creatively letting your family know your current location and the people you are currently hanging out with.

The most common types of messages delivered via WhatsApp Statuses include love messages, funny memes, snippets of songs, short videos imported from other apps such as Tik Tok, good thoughts, prayers and verses from holy texts, etc.

Is It Safe and Secure To Use Whatsapp’s Status Feature?

The answer to the most obvious question is- yes! It is completely safe. There is no reason for users to be concerned about security when using the WhatsApp status feature. As explained before, users can limit the audience to their status updates if they wish to hide them from some contacts.

Can My Whatsapp Status Be Saved?

While the app itself does not allow any such option except for sharing or forwarding a status, there are apps in the online market which allow users to save other users WhatsApp statuses. These apps are available on Android stores easily. However, the apps clearly state that users must take consent from their contacts before downloading their statuses.

Can I View Someone’s Status without Letting Them Know?

Yes! Again there are apps on the online stores which allow users to view other people’s WhatsApp statuses without letting them know.

While the tips and tricks of using the WhatsApp Status feature without letting your contacts know seem quite fun but with authority comes responsibility too. If you are a WhatsApp user who has the authority to use WhatsApp and uses its status feature religiously, please use it for better purposes like inspiring others or finding the good in life when it seems dark. Rather than stalking someone while staying in the dark using such software. Remember that it is unethical and morally wrong to indulge in such practices.

Best WhatsApp Status Video:


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heart, love, romance

love, couple, romance

valentine's day, valentine, love

couple, romance, love

rose, red, flower

heart-shape, tree, red

love, valentine, heart

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girl, sitting, jetty

window view, sitting, indoors

dog, pug, puppy

cat, sad, cute

homeless, man, poverty

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baby, teddy bear, play

rabbit, heart, cute

cat, kitten, pets

cat, flower, kitten

beautiful, child, happy

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suit, business man, business

grimace, funny, expression

sheep, curious, look

eggplant, purple, vegetable

prairie dogs, rodents, couple


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