September 28, 2021

Best Dating App to check out post-pandemic

While the Covid pandemic put a stop to traditional dating, it could not halt the online dating world. Since last year, dating apps have been coming up with new and exciting ways to keep your dating lives active. There are remote dating activities and video chats that allow meeting new people from your home’s safety. People today are not just looking for hook-ups, long-term relationships but platonic friends as well. And why not? Pandemic lockdown meant people stayed in, away from their social life. This created a strange indoor environment for people they were never used to. While living with your family helped, those who had to stay alone were in for a pickle.

So, people went online on dating apps to look for people with the same interests and hobbies. Dating apps have provided a needed respite to people young and old. If you’re still making up your mind about using dating apps, let us show you some of the best dating apps to check out post-pandemic.


Match is among the oldest dating sites that came into existence in 1995. Over these decades, Match has collected significant data to support their algorithms, and thus, they know how to “match” people online. The online app even uses the left/right option so it can see what you like and then suggest better matches in the future. And if you don’t find a date among its millions of monthly visitors within six months, it will give you the following six months of subscription for free.

Getting started with Match does not involve filling long questionnaires. On the contrary, the system asks you to describe what you seek and what you don’t in a partner. Along with it, the system will also ask you to specify how important those things are. For example, you might prefer a partner who doesn’t smoke, but it’s not a deal-breaker; you can specify this in your profile. Based on this information, Match will make sure that it does not suggest people who have mentioned smoking in their bio. The idea is to ensure you two have at least something in common in superficial things. It will also prevent your awkward moments later in the relationship.


eHarmony is for people looking to get married; that’s a fact. Another fact is that back in 2018, eHarmony accounted for 4% of weddings in the US. The site focuses on your real introspection through a compatibility quiz and your most honest picture. The algorithms will then work on finding someone who will compliment you, and it’s one reason so many people prefer eHarmony over other dating apps.

But that’s not it! eHarmony understands its competition is growing with the latest dating apps coming out every day. eHarmony has updated its logo to reflect its new-age mindset and changing dating dynamics to stay on top. Their questionnaire now is far from the old, mushy questions regarding your soulmates. The questionnaire tries to put you in certain situations in a relationship to scope a realistic approach. The creators have put in a new interface design aimed at being ‘relevant’ today and ‘click’ with young users.


OkCupid has gained massive popularity since its release in 2008 and remains the number one choice for many. That says something about the dating app! The app offers a simple dating approach with useful tools that help you find the perfect match. The app matches its highly close matching proportionality with quirky tools like messaging, personality quizzes, and other signature features. And they have been offering new features with every update, like the “Flavors” system. Using this feature, users can view specific flavors of their potential matches like World Traveler, Dog Lover, etc. OkCupid is currently doing quite well among the 25-35 demographic since these are the ones who were in their sense when the dating app was first released.

While the free version works well, giving you some useful tools to find your perfect match, a premium subscription will provide you with refined search results. You can even view the users who liked your profile. The algorithm focuses on bringing together two people who show similar interests during their sign-up questionnaire. You even get to see compatibility scores with details on your agreements and disagreements so you can see the make-or-break deals.


Another great dating app for millennials who want more than meaningless hook-ups and a new online dating way. The app has created an interactive way of going through the profiles that you can scroll through. It means you don’t have to swipe through hundreds of “single ready to mingle” anymore. What’s even more interesting is that each profile suggestion is not random but based on detailed information like political views, religion, and much more. You can even filter the profiles based on other factors, but that will require a subscription.

Hinge wants you to look past the profile picture and discover their hidden traits like funny ice breakers. To ensure this, Hinge will publicize these hidden traits as much as possible along with your sexy display picture. The idea behind its trait publicity is to make it more than just an app for sex and look into casual or serious relationships.


Her is an award-winning dating app created for queer women by queer women. It keeps those creepy men pretending to be women and straight women who want a third partner in their threesome out. The user base for Her is currently at four million, with solid growth in the coming time. The dating app can help you discover your dating horizon with more valid options to interact with.

She gives its users several categories like gender, sex, and pronouns to allow you to define a well-rounded profile. You can even write your bio to show your different sides and mention what you are looking for in a relationship or a partner.


These are some of the best dating apps to try before 2021 ends. They offer something for everyone tired of Tinder and Bumble and want to explore a new online dating pool. All these dating apps keep user privacy in mind and undertake legit identity verification to ensure genuine users.

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