November 10, 2021

Best energy busting activities for kids

If you remember your days as a kid or have a kid of your own, you must remember the pent-up energy that you always had and that your kids have. They can’t seem to sit still and are always looking for something to do. There are a lot of fun indoor and outdoor activities for kids to engage in when they’re feeling restless. It will regulate their energy properly and also keep them fit and fine.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best energy busting activities for kids-

  1. Dance routines– Your child is stuck indoors, and you have nothing to do? They can create a dance routine on any pop song. Easy choreographed dances are available on YouTube, and if your child has a sibling, they can both rehearse together and create a dance of their own! This will bust their energy positively and creatively, and they can even perform in front of the family for some family bonding time.
  1. Using tapes creatively– Do you think tapes are boring? Think again! If you’re just a little bit creative, you can use tapes to play fun games. Use tapes on the floor. Label them as ‘start’ and ‘finish.’ Then, you can use that line of tape to play long jumps, hops, number squares, and you can even start a race. A roll of tape can be used for multiple games.
  1. Balloons– it’s a universally known fact that kids love balloons. A lot of balloons from birthday parties go to waste, but we can change that. Your kid can play with the balloons in lots of creative ways to bust their energy.
    Games like not letting the balloon touch the floor, balloon taps (tie the balloon in a high place and challenge your child to touch it with their fingertips), and balancing balloon in hands are just a few of the games kids can play. But with creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless
  1. Camping in your backyard– if you have a backyard, use it to your gain. Go on a camping trip in your backyard! Your kids can set up tents as you would do on a normal camping trip and spend their night in the tent. They can start a bonfire and roast marshmallows for the best camping experience. Make trails, use maps, and hike around your backyard because, after all, you’re camping there! This will allow your kids to get extra creative and have lots of fun
  1. Toys and games– Whatever age your kid is right now, toys will never, ever get old or lose their touch with kids. Boys and girls love to play with toys like trucks, cars, barbies, and teddies up to a certain age, but after that, it’s all about video games and online games. If you’re looking for an amazing toy brand, My Happy Helpers is a family-owned toy store that sells safe, affordable, and innovative toys for kids. You can check them out for a variety of toys for your kids!
    Video games can help your child learn a lot of things. They are presented with new information every day, and their imagination and creativity reach a new height while playing video games.
  1. Volleyball in your backyard– Play volleyball with your kids when there’s nothing else to do. You can turn this fun activity/exercise into an excuse to spend more time with your kids. Challenge your kids to a volleyball tournament in your backyard. This way, they can work on their team spirit while having lots of fun with you. It will also keep them fit and healthy if you do this semi-regularly.
  1. Body painting– This is the most creative and imaginative exercise your child can do. Your kids can use regular washable colors to paint their body and face any way they want to. Do not set rules on this. Let their imagination fly. You can wash off the paint from their body after they’re done.

Final Thoughts

I hope this blog was insightful and provided you with fun and creative ideas which will let your kids bust their energy. These ideas can also let your kids learn many things, and the most amazing fact is that you can even join your kids in some of these energy-busting activities.

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Peter Hatch

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