October 7, 2022

Best Features of iOS 16

Apple is known for its state-of-the-art updates that aim to increase security and provide a personalized experience to its user. Recently it launched iOS 16 after months of beta testing. The contemporary update is immensely well-received by iOS users because it has tons of incredible features. The following blog will elaborate on the best features of iOS 16 below: 

Lock Screen Customizations

iOS 16 offers the feature of headlining and fully customizing your lock screen. You can now add captivating and personalized widgets to your lock screen, apply different filters and choose custom colors and fonts. Moreover, you can also set multiple different lock screens and effortlessly switch between them. You can also tie the Lock Screen to Focus Modes for a personalized user experience. 


SharePlay is a renowned feature that was introduced in the earlier updates of iOS, and it is designed to enable people to do more while using FaceTime. In iOS 16, its bugs were fixed. With this feature, a group of people on FaceTime call can open the Hulu application and select something to watch together. The content will be synced, so everyone can simultaneously view it. Whether you are using Hulu in Germany or your friend is using Hulu in Australia, you can watch it together through SharePlay. 

New Wallpapers

Alongside the new appealing customization Lock Screen option, apple has also added new Wallpaper options. These options include a new default wallpaper, new aesthetic collections for Pride and Unity as well a new Astronomy and Weather collection. Seemingly, the Astronomy and Weather collections are particularly more fascinating because they illustrate live data based on your current location. 

New iMessage Features

Apple also brings long-awaited features to iMessage: The ability to edit and unsent a message. However, the company has altered these features throughout the beta testing in response to concerns over misuse. 

To unsent or edit an iMessage in iOS 16, you have to long-press on the dubious message after you have sent it. You can recall an iMessage for up to two minutes after you have sent it. Other iMessage users will be able to recognize that you have unsent a message, but they won’t be able to identify the content of the message. Lastly, you can easily edit an iMessage up to five times. Each of those edits will be logged and visible to both the receiver and sender of the iMessage. 

Focus Modes

The Focus Mode debuted in iOS 15 last year; however, Focus is getting some major updates with this year’s update of iOS 16. Most importantly, Apple has simplified the setup process to make it easier to block or allow notifications from specified contacts and apps. 

You can manage boundaries within Apple applications through Focus filters. For example, you can hide your work email or work calendar while the Personal Focus setting is activated. Developers can also use that feature with a new focus filter API. 

Security and Privacy 

iOS updates are well-known for their update of security and privacy features. One of the biggest updates in iOS 16 is known as Safety Check. This update is a tool for those at risk for domestic violence or similar situations. It enables the user to revoke location access applications immediately and walks through a security assessment. 

Therefore, with iOS 16, instead of needing to go through the settings with multiple stages, the user will have a panic button to immediately disconnect their iPhone from all devices, apps, and people. 

Notifications Tab in iOS 16

Apple has also revamped the notifications tab in iOS 16, particularly on the Lock Screen. Notifications now appear from the bottom of the screen, which Apple elaborates as a change designed to show the user more of your wallpaper and other relevant customizations. 

Siri Upgrades

iOS 16 also includes some incredible updates to the Apple assistant Siri and Dictation features. The Dictation feature has been completely designed. In iOS 16, Dictation allows you to oscillate between touch and voice effortlessly. While dictating, you can enter the message with the keyboard, move the cursor, insert QuickType suggestions, and tap in the text field. 

New Accessibility Features

Apple has redesigned the accessibility features in iOS 16 for an integrated and expansive user experience. Firstly, a new Apple Watch mirroring update allows you to fully control Apple Watch from your iOS device and use assistive features such as Voice Control and Switch Control. 

Door Detection is an incredibly spellbinding feature that uses iPhone’s camera to locate a door, read labels and signs and get instructions on how to open the door. Moreover, there’s also a new Detection mode in the Magnifier app. Apple explains that this feature gives you an enriched description of your surroundings, including Image Descriptions and People Detection. 

There are a few more Accessibility features in iOS 16: 

  • Live Captions: It automatically provides generated captions in real-time for users who are deaf, unable to understand a foreign language, or whose hearing is impaired. It also transcribes the dialogue with the speaker on FaceTime.  
  • Hang up your calls through Voice Control
  • Spoken Content and Voice Over are now available in more than 20 additional languages 
  • You can adjust how long Siri waits for you to finish speaking before answering your request
  • Buddy Controller: It combines input from multiple gaming consoles into one, so your friend can support you in clearing a formidable level 

Photos Application 

iOS 16 has introduced new features in the Photos application, such as duplicate detection, to clean up duplicate photos easily. You can now lock your Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums without your Face ID and iPhone’s passcode. Moreover, you can copy the edits you have made on one photo and paste it onto a bunch of pictures. 


The new iOS 16 features have immensely emphasized personalization and customization. With the Lock Screen customization, users are exhilarated to renovate their Lock Screen with their aesthetic choices. Although there is much more to be done in this area, such as customization of app icons, maybe that’s part of next year’s update. 

Features such as Editing/Unending iMessages, Accessibility Features, and Siri Updates are going to be the “most popular” features of iOS 16. Still, tons of other bug fixes will improve the iPhone experience and create a personalized experience. Overall, these updates are well received by the users and, indeed, are one of the finest updates by Apple. 

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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