September 30, 2015

Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store

We are living in an age where technology significantly affects our lives and it should be every person’s objective to use technology in order to improve our lives in the best way. One of the things that we can improve with modern technology is our physical activity. This is where fitness applications come into play. Most of the apps today can be used in multiple sporting activities but, it is better to separate them into few categories. Here are some of the categories to differentiate the apps that are used to make you fit and healthy. You can get through these apps so that you can install these apps on your smartphone and monitor your health that eventually maintains your body fitness.

Category-wise Apps

Currently, people are becoming very health-conscious because of increasing diseases and disordered lifestyle. Even popular celebrities are promoting some social welfare programs such like Marathon so as to create health awareness among the common people. We are listing the best fitness apps in category-wise so that you can download and install apps on your device based on your requirement. Mainly, we have discussed apps for two categories in which Running is the major category which is preferred by most of the health-conscious folks. The other category is cycling which is being practiced by most of the people these days.

Category 1: Running

The first category is running. This might be a discipline that is more demanding than the rest, but apps can help us get the right statistics and understand the final result of each of our running sessions. One of the most famous applications when it comes to running is Endomondo. This is a stable and excellent app that can be used for other sporting activities too. It is based on GPS tracking and can provide many details about your performance.

Best apps for Running

In addition, Runtastic is a similar app, but this app comes in both regular and PRO version and the regular version is slightly worse than Endomondo. So, if you want to try without using any of your money download the free version which should be enough if you are not a professional athlete. Both apps are available in Google Play Store and App Store.

Category 2: Cycling

Another popular physical activity among modern men and women is cycling. If you have decided to travel for more than one mile and you want to practice something that is healthy for the body and mind then you should definitely consider cycling which has proven to be a very functional and practical sport. Many people who are cycling have probably wondered how to get a more precise and detailed information about their performance during and after the ride. While it is true that digital counters can provide certain help, it is also true that mobile app can provide much more detailed information.

best apps for cycling

One of the best apps on the market used for this purpose is Road Bike. This app is produced by the designers of Runtastic. It comes with a simple, yet effective user interface and real-time monitoring of the cycling routes. Just like in the case of Runstastic there is a regular and PRO version and it is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs in the best way.

Use your smartphone to monitor your health

People who don’t have enough time for serious fitness activities can rely on a different type of apps because on the monitoring of their everyday activities. These apps provide different statistics like measuring the number of steps or calorie intake and they can provide diet suggestions based on these indicators.

use smartphone to monitor your healthSome of the most popular apps of this kind include Fooducate, Noom Weight and Moves. Since there are many people who work out at home, developers have come up with apps specialized in home workouts. For instance, there is a special app called PushUps which obviously measures the number of pushups.

Connection between Fitness Apps and Smartwatches

It seems that smartwatches are becoming quite popular these days and it is quite logical to assume that in the near future many people will monitor their physical activities with the help of these watches. This is something that will be available through the integrated fitness trackers which will be part of every gadget of this kind in the future. We should wait to see how much will these apps advance in the future, but one thing is for sure – they have great potential.

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