October 11, 2019

Best Instagram Models to Follow in 2020

Instagram is nine years old now. Whether you use the app or the official site, you will find it easy to navigate. With millions of subscribers always sharing their content, it becomes an excellent social site. To some extent, companies have focused on Instagram as a marketing site.

For whatever reason you use Instagram for, as long as it’s meeting your daily objectives, then it is terrific. Models have utilized Instagram for their business as well as branding. Some are hired by companies to market their products while others create content and advertise on Instagram. Followers matter a lot when it comes to influencing. Models with many followers have the advantage of getting deals with companies that want to promote their products.

If you follow a model with millions of followers, then you are likely to get first-hand information on new products on the market as well as what is trending. In this review, we will share with you the Best Instagram Models to follow in 2020. This information will help you get to know more about the model’s history and some of the significant achievements. Follow through and see who the influencers are when it comes to models on Instagram. You might also pick the models you want to follow and be up to date with their activities.

Top 18 Best Instagram Models

Kendall Jenner – @kendalljenner


Kendall Nicole Jenner was born in America in 1995. She is a model and a media personality. She has made herself a name by featuring high fashion designers in Milan, Paris, and New York editions. Her passion for cover shoots has seen her do multiple editorials for both Vogue and LOVE. She has also walked for Victoria’s Secret.

Her famous role in the TV reality show, i.e., Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has also earned her a name. More so, she is the brand ambassador for the Estée Lauder’s companies and even the media campaigns.

In 2016, Kendall Nicole Jenner featured at no 16 in top earners models. Surprisingly, she emerged as the world highest paid model by Forbes ranking. She has 116m followers. You can follow Kendall Nicole Jenner for updates and content.

Cara DeLevigne – @caradelevingne


Cera is an English singer, model, and actress. She was born in 1992. After her school in 2009, she became part of the Storm Management. Later, she won the model of the year organized by the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014.

Her career began in 2012 at a minor acting role. She went on to participate in other shows and films. After walking in more than 20 shows, Vogue admired her, and she went ahead to receive public recognition.

Other than acting career, Cara DeLevigne has also designed for big companies such as Mulberry collections. She is also a novelist who has written a book “Mirror Mirror.” Her passion for doing what she likes keeps her excelling in all her areas of strength.

Gigi Hadid – @gigihadid


In four years, Gigi Hadid has appeared 35 times on the international Vogue Magazine cover. She is an American model who signed for IMG in 2013. In 2014, she appeared on the 60 best models. By 2016, she was the best international model of the year as ranked by the British Awards.

Gigi’s modeling started when she was two years old and has been trained over and over while featuring in many fashion design collections and brand promoters. Her personal life is full of drama, as she is always dedicated to what she feels is right for her.

She has also ventured into music, film, and acting. All these have seen her become an influencer on social media as well as modeling life.

Bella Hadid – @bellahadid


Bella is the sister to Gigi Hadid – @gigihadid. She is an American actor born in 1996. She has studied photography in 2014 and after that, signed for IMG. She dropped out of school as her career took a rising path. However, she is still expressing interest in going back to school to finish her course.

Her career took the best turn, and Isabella Khair Hadid was voted the best model of the year by Model.com and won the award in 2016. Bella has appeared on television shows, films, and music videos. She is still actively modeling. Follow her through Bella Hadid – @bellahadid to get the latest updates about her progress.

Chrissy Teigen – @chrissyteigen


During the Swimsuit Issue in 2010, which is the annual sports celebration, Chrissy Teigen got her breakthrough and became a sensation in the industry. She is 32 years old and very famous for her hilarious response to her different social media handles.

This American model, author, and TV personality co-hosts, Lip Sync Battle with LL Cool J on Paramount Network. She has also featured in other editorial magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Chrissy Teigen – @chrissyteigen has earned respect from her followers as she takes time to interact with her followers. You can as well become one of her fans and enjoy her conversations and updates.

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Emily Ratajkowski – @emrata


Emily Ratajkowski is an American model who was born in 1991 and raised in London. She became famous when she appeared topless in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video back in 2013. She is an influencer on Instagram with a massive following of 24.3m followers.

When it comes to branding, this model has had a lot of brands picking her as their Instagram brand ambassador. More so, she has had countless catwalks on various fashion and brand platforms. She is currently the face of Inamorata. You can follow her to see what she is up to and also enjoy her fashion display on various platforms.

Sommer Ray – @sommerray


Sommer Ray is one of the top influencers on Instagram. She has her popular channel called Follow or Be Lost, where she gives details about the most famous people on the internet. Ray is 22 years old, and reports say that she earns roughly $26,000 per post on Instagram.

She is an Instagram influencer with a massive following of 22.8 followers. Some of her famous sayings include ‘‘dreams do not work unless you do”. She is termed as the queen of fitness and has many videos and pictures showing fitness, and that’s why her massive followers love her channel. You can also get the latest from her by following her Instagram channel Sommer Ray

Gisele Bundchen – @gisele


She is among the top actresses, models, and environmentalists in Brazil. Bundchen became famous after appearing on the top 16 wealthiest models in the entertainment industry. She also earned a spot in Forbes among the top-earning models in 2012.

Once she gained her fame, she immediately became a big name for brands such as the Missoni, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, among others. She has gone ahead to provide endorsements for various products. Gisele went into the Guinness book of records as the model who earned more money each year. At 37, she still has her best in the industry. You can have a look at what she is up to every other time.

Miranda Kerr – @mirandakerr


She is an Australian model who came to the limelight in 2007 through Victoria’s Secret Angels. She is now 34 years old but began her modeling when she was 13 years old.

Miranda won the 1997 dolly magazine competition. After that, she started working with Chic Management’s Sydney division promoting their beachwear. The company gave her the required exposure.

She went to New York, where she proceeded with her career, where she had the opportunity to appear on televised runways. She has also featured on high profile glamour magazine covers; proof that her career has grown.

On the Forbes highest-paid models in 2016, Miranda was ranked no 10. Follow her through Miranda Kerr – @mirandakerr and see how she is impacting lives.


Hailey Baldwin – @haileybieber


Hailey Baldwin is a model who fully embraces her runway life. She is a 21-year-old US model. Since she comes from the acting Baldwin family, her presence has earned her millions of followers on Instagram.

At her age, we can say that her modeling career is at the peak as at now, since she has already featured for Pretty Little Thing and Teen Vogue and Vogue magazine. More so, she has participated in fashion walks such as the New York, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks.

And she’s married to Justin Bieber as well.

She also has a signature for IMG and New York Agency. You can follow her through Hailey Baldwin – @haileybaldwin.

Candice Swanepoel – @angelcandices

13.6 million followers

She comes from South Africa, and on the Forbes 2016 list, she was the number 8 top-earning model. She started modeling at the age of 15 in Durban. She has built her career through Instagram influencing, catwalk modeling, as well as brand sponsorship.

Back in 2014, she topped Maxim’s “Hot 100 List”. This added to her fame and hence attracted many followers. She has modeled for even luxury items like the $10 million “Royal Fantasy Bra.”

Candice Swanepoel emerged among the top models, and searching her will still get you the best of her latest engagements.

Adriana Lima – @adrianalima


Adriana Lima has had a successful modeling experience ever. She has been ranked the second-best highest-paid model since 2014. The 36-year old Brazilian model has been the longest-running model for Victoria’s Secret Agent. That’s why she has a massive following of 12.3m followers.

Lima has been the model for Maybelline and also featured in motor ads for Kia. She is working as a brand ambassador for Sportmax’s, Calzedonia’s beachwear, and Desigual’s clothing.

If you are an upcoming model, then you can learn more from her experience and journey of success. Keep in touch as you see her sense of touch via Adriana Lima – @adrianalima.

Barbara Palvin – @realbarbarapalvin


She comes from Hungary. This 24-year old model realized her passion when she was 13. She had the opportunity to shoot a Spur Magazine as early as that. She progressed in her modeling by moving to Asia, and this is where she got a lot of bookings making her brand grow fast.

Some of the top companies she was featured include Armani Exchange, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Pull & Bear, and L’Oréal Paris. This gave her a platform to grow and interact with many agencies worldwide.

During the Millan fashion walk, she was on the runway debut for Prada. More so, she also participated in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie Class. You can effortlessly see what she is up to via Barbara Palvin – @realbarbarapalvin.

Karlie Kloss – @karliekloss


Karlie Kloss is an American entrepreneur and a model. She was born in August 1992. Karlie Kloss has 8.3m followers. She started her modeling career back in 2006 when she was 14. She was on top thirty models during the 2000s modeling runways. She went ahead to become the Victoria Secret Agent between 2011 and 2014.

She has therefore participated in major runways as well as working with various notable brands worldwide. Kloss resigned in 2015 so that she could continue with her college. She has become an Instagram influencer and top brand for many organizations. You can follow her via Karlie Kloss – @karliekloss.

Ashley Graham – @theashleygraham

9.2 million followers

Here is another Instagram sensation that you would want to know. Ashley Graham has been known for her curvaceous body, and her awesome bikini outwears. She started her modeling at the age of 12 in Lincoln.

Graham has been described as an ambassador of real beauty, something that has earned her millions of followers. She now has 9.2 million followers on Instagram, and this means she is among the top influencers. She is known for openly talking about pubic hair, which sets her above other models on the planet. You can access her profile through Ashley Graham – @theashleygraham and experience her latest trends and fashions.

Josephine Skriver – @josephineskriver


Josephine Skriver was born in 1993 in Denmark. She has been one of the top Victoria Secret models. During her modeling career, she walked on over 300 runway shows.

Her net worth is estimated to be $12 million. She has featured on top fashion covers for major brands worldwide. She is known to promote what matters to her as well as major brands. She is in a relationship with Alexander DeLeon since 2013. If you want to get in touch with her day to day updates, then catch her through Josephine Skriver – @josephineskriver.

Liu Wen – @liuwenlw


Liu Wen is a Chinese model born in 1988. She is the first model from East Asia to walk on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She received the title “China’s first bona fide supermodel” form the New York Times. She has also appeared on New York Americans Vogue. She has also featured for other top brands hence becoming an influencer with 4.9m followers.

Liu Wen has made it to the Forbes list as the first Asian highest-paid model. Other than modeling, she works as a stylist and also as an actress. You can follow her via Liu Wen – @liuwenlw to get the latest updates from her.

Lucky Blue Smith – @luckybsmith


This is a famous male model who hails from the family of models. His mother and sisters are also models. He has over 3m followers on Instagram. He started modeling in 2012. When he dyed his hair platinum blond, it now became his selling point and now his trademark.

He is still a teenager but has managed to appear in French and Spanish Vogue, GQ, V, and Harper’s Bazaar. This shows that he has a promising modeling future. He has had a chance to walk on the runways for big modeling agencies and is gradually becoming an upcoming influencer on Instagram. You can access him by following his Instagram profile through Lucky Blue Smith.

Instagram has offered a platform for growing models as well as fashion designers. We have hundreds of upcoming models on Instagram. All of them are working on developing their brands for the best part of their marketing. They will keep you updated on various trends worldwide.

If you have ever followed the top influencers on Instagram, you realize most of the time; you are up to date with the latest products or services on the market. Models are used to promote products. They also promote their brands so that they can bring you closer to what you value in your daily life.

Influencers have millions of followers on Instagram, and that’s why modeling agencies pick them for branding purposes. In our list, we have introduced you to some of the top models on Instagram. We have also provided you with information about the models to guide you through. If you are an upcoming model, you can still find a role model on this list and learn from their success.

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