January 16, 2019

8 Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives 2019

Wayback Machine – is a term mostly known by the people who own or maintain a website. It is described as a digital archive of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the other information on the Internet produced by the Internet Archive, which is a non-profitable organization. Wayback Machine is a website that allows the netizens to see how a particular website looked like in between the period of 1996 to the present.

The Wayback Machine also allows access to the archived digital content. It works even the content is not available on the source website. The archive holds 10 billion web pages and it requires storage over 100 TB. If you want to see how your favorite website looks in the past, the preserved ‘snapshots’ here (in this website) will show you.


For instance, you can see how our website alltechbuzz.net looked when it was created and various times all the way to the present. Even though some things were not shown, the variety and wholeness of the archive are outstanding. The Wayback Machine also has a special collection feature. It shows a few sites that were important to the early Internet and it is called as a ‘Web Pioneers’ collection.

Nowadays, people are using Wayback Machine to access the deleted data of the websites and to create business strategies. So, the Wayback Machine gives us the power to see the history of a website and its journey from the beginning. Now the question is, “What if archive.org doesn’t work?” Don’t worry, there is a solution and it is the alternative of Wayback Machine. Here comes, the Wayback Machine alternatives. There are a lot of internet archives available out but only a few made their way into the list of best. If ever archive.org goes down, you can make use of these internet archive alternatives.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives:

1. Archive.is:

Archive.is is one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives. It is considered as a time capsule for web pages. It stores ‘snapshots’ of web pages even if the website disappears. But when it comes to saved and archived web pages, it doesn’t have any active elements and scripts. Though it is an old alternative, people love to use it because of it is user-friendly with easy navigation.


If you visit the website, archive.is, you can see two search bars. The first bar helps you to access the content of a particular website, code and its screenshots. With the second bar, you can share those screenshots and also download them.

2. Screenshots.com:

Screenshots.com shutdown

ScreenShots.com is another best internet archive alternative to the Wayback Machine. It takes archived screenshots of websites from different times. As it is a cached website alternative, screenshots.com provides an accurate copy of how a website used to be earlier. It is also called as a time machine having over 250 million websites screenshots.


But in this website, one cannot access the code of things like its destination link. Screenshots.com has the best interface and it also allows you to zoom the screenshots.

3. DomainTools:


DomainTools has an online web WHOIS service that helps the users to find complete information on a website. It also provides hosting-history and IP address records of the websites. DomainTools offers screenshot based internet archive service for free and hence, it made the list.

4. iTools:


iTools is somewhat different tool from other Wayback Machine tools. It provides the complete information of a website. Especially, it provides the popularity and the traffic analysis of a particular website. Database of ‘Alexa’ is accessed through this website. iTools also shows the competitors of the desired website.

5. Alexa:

It doesn’t need any introduction as people are familiar with this website. Alexa is owned by Amazon.com. It provides the complete history of a website and also its browsing details. Especially, it gives the information about website’s ranking and keyword research for competitive analysis. You can also find data about the past visits, where it is frequently visited and the duration.


Apart from all the above details, one can view statistics like domain information, website’s age and referring domains in Alexa.

6. PageFreezer:

PageFreezer uses crawling technology which is similar to Google. It completely works on an automated process for taking the screenshots. The functionality of PageFreezer allows you to extend your business. The key features of PageFreezer are legal evidence, live browsing, digital signature, data export and web page comparison. Apart from this information, you can also see your competitors.


For this, you need to sign in. It is the most consistent and relaxed web history checker tool.

7. Stillio Automatic Screenshots:

Stillio Automated Screenshots

The name itself suggests it is an automated screenshot service. Stillio helps to make daily screenshots of web pages. It provides features such as website archiving, trend tracking, website compliance, competition tracking and SEO tracking. It is so easy, just Archive, then capture and share the screenshots. But it is similar to PageFreezer, a limited edition Wayback Machine alternative.

8. Yubnub:


Yubnub gives you all the business related information of a website. The website is user-friendly and performs like a search engine. It allows to create and one can use commands that are mapped to web pages and web services.

These are the Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites we picked and they are totally trusted and working fine. From all these internet archive alternatives, you can choose one which suits your requirements. If you find any other better sites apart from the above list and performing good, then let us know in the comments section below.

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