October 26, 2020

Best iPhone Cases of 2020

iPhone owners should utilize phone cases if they want to protect their phones from damage. They should also utilize them if they want to make a fashion statement.

There are various iPhone cases on the market, and many of them possess qualities beyond providing physical protection. Some iPhone cases are budget-friendly, while others are luxurious and expensive. Some are lightweight, while others are heavy-duty. Some are made of leather, while others are made of plastic.

Some cater to fashion-conscious consumers, while others cater to environmentally conscious consumers.

Ultimately, when choosing an iPhone case, consumers will have to assess their preferences before making a decision. Here is a list of the best iPhone cases of 2020.

1. Collage’s Custom Phone Case

Collage.com gives consumers the chance to make your own phone case for a plethora of iPhone models. Consumers can choose a particular style for their phone case. The everyday style provides bulk-free protection.

The sleek style is minimalistic and allows for edge-to-edge printing. And the tough style offers the most protection; it has dual layers of silicone and polymer.

Each style has nonslip edges and is lightweight and durable. Also, consumers can pick a style in any color they prefer. They can add images as well. Collage.com utilizes high-quality printing systems, so each image a consumer adds will appear vibrant and sharp.

2. Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

The Unicorn Beetle Pro Case by Supcase was the winner of CNET’s yearly ‘Best Case Scenario’ drop test. This rugged phone case is made of multilayered, shock absorbant TPU. It also consists of unyielding polycarbonate.

The full-body design of this case has a built-in screen protector that will prevent screen cracks and scratches. It also has a rotating belt clip holster, making hands-free and pocket-free carrying possible. Moreover, the case is MagSafe and compatible with wireless chargers.

3. Smartish’s Wallet Slayer

Smartish’s Wallet Slayer functions as both a phone case and a small wallet. This case is suitable for on-the-go travel or for running quick errands. It fits up to 3 cards as well as cash. It is ultra-light and durable. It has high-grip textured sides, making it hard for an individual to drop it.

And it has protective air-pocket corners that act like airbags for the phone, further protecting it from breakage. Additionally, the case is compatible with wireless chargers.

4. Kate Spade’s Pin Dot Case

Kate Spade’s Pin Dot Case is chic and stylish and will attract fashion-conscious consumers. This case comes from a high-end brand and features the prominent Kate Spade logo. It is lightweight and long-lasting.

And it offers a great deal of protection since it was drop tested from a 10 feet high location and passed. Kate Spade’s case is also scratch-resistant and is equipped with a shock-absorbing bumper. Moreover, it comes in a variety of styles, including opaque and translucent.

5. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Case features hybrid technology. The bumper of the case is comprised of TPU, while its back is comprised of polycarbonate; this renders the case incredibly protective. It has raised bezels that elevate the screen and camera off of flat surfaces.

And it has defined buttons that are easy to feel and press. The case is slim and transparent and will reveal the original color of your phone. It comes in a wide range of colors, including matte black, midnight green, and rose crystal.

6. IATO’s Real Bamboo Wood Case

IATO’s Real Bamboo Wood Case is an eco-friendly product that environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate. The case has a slender, minimalistic design and is made of premium bamboo wood that comes from well-managed forests.

It also has a black polycarbonate bumper that offers maximum protection. The case has an open top and bottom design as well as raised bezel lips to ensure glass screen protection. Since each case is made of real bamboo wood, no two cases will ever look the same, making this an extremely unique product.

7. Vaultskin’s Leather iPhone Case

Vaultskin gives consumers the opportunity to purchase iPhone cases that are made of top-grade Italian leather. This premium case has intricate hand-stitched seams as well as exceptional metal finishes. Its surface is textured, and there is a durable shell inside it that minimizes the impact of falls.

Also, there are raised lips that prevent screen damage. Consumers can choose to pair their case with a leather or chain strap, allowing them to wear their phones over their shoulders. This case is available in multiple colors, including Hickory Brown, Spanish Violet, and Windsor Red.

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