October 20, 2023

Best Media Players For Android to try Immediately on your Smartphone

In the past, video players were hardware devices that allowed videotapes to function. But as time went on, portability became necessary, and the greatest video players were created for Android devices.

We now require a video player for every electronic device we use, such as tablets, laptops, computer systems, and phones. Nowadays, users are sure that movies can be playable in practically all formats using these third-party media players.

With 71 percent of the global market share for mobile operating systems, Android leads the field. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the Best Media Players that must be in our Smartphones.

Best Media Player for Android devices

There are many users that benefit from video players’ as it just adds convenience. Although your phone has a built-in media player app for rendering videos, third-party video players provide you with various features that your default media player lacks.

Watching videos of the highest quality and without any hassle is possible for people who use the best media player. You have a variety of video players that work well with your Android device other than your default video player.

So check these amazing media player apps that you must have on your Android devices below:

VLC Player:

VLC Player is a renowned app that is well known for showing videos on desktops as well as on your Android devices and you may have even used it before. This media player app has the same audio and video playback capabilities as the computer systems.

You can create your own playlist with the VLC video player and use it to play playlists of your preferred music and videos. It’s much more accessible because it organizes your songs, videos, and downloads into different lists. Even while watching the movie, you can use the app to lock the screen and adjust the aspect ratio, and the playing speed.

MX Player:

MX Player is an offline media player that supports codecs like DTS and AC3 is a powerful media player with unique features. It offers amazing playback features like hardware and software decoding and supports various media formats like FLV, MKV, AVI, etc.

This media player has an audio boost which helps you to increase the volume of your music and video files above the set limit. It also provides you with subtitle support, and you can play network streams by entering the network URL.

HD Video Player All Format:

HD Video Player All Format allows you to Chromecast on TV, laptops, etc. in a click. It supports multiple video and audio formats such as MP4, MPG, FLV, MP3, MKV, WEBM, MOV, TS, AAC, and much more. Add some extra style to your app with amazing themes and colorful layouts, nature-inspired hues.

This media player also supports online and offline subtitles in multiple languages to enrich your viewing experience and you can even change its color and font according to your preference. This app is also known as the ASD Rocks Video Player app. It also has an intuitive and interactive user interface to suit your preferences with vibrant colors, appealing icons, etc.

Nova Video Player:

Videos from local media files connected to USB devices, the cloud, and various servers can all be played with Nova Video Player. It is an open-source app that is intended to function on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

You can even access the files which is made simpler by their classification into different listings. Another benefit of streaming videos via this media player app is that it allows users to watch films and serials in addition to other user reviews and descriptions.

KMP Media Player:

KMP media player is one of the easiest and most portable Android video players. You can bookmark your favorite films and music files using this app and access them all at once. With this app, you may instantly Chromecast videos to your laptops and TVs.

It also acts as a background player on your lock screen, so with that you don’t have to keep it open all the time. You can even set fine tunes with an equalizer as per your preference. Also, adding URLs and playing directly with the KMP media player app is also possible.

All Cast:

All Cast media players play various video and audio files with streaming content stored in Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, etc. devices. It made it easy for users to share media content with family and friends on a larger screen.

This media player is not free; you can get a free trial to decide whether you want to purchase the pro version or not. You can also view saved files with this media player as it keeps them easily organized to find and view them.

PlayerXtreme Media Player

It is an experienced Android video player app because of its amazing, intuitive UI. You may watch movies and videos, listen to your favorite music, and even play audio and video files like MP4, MPEG, WebM, and others using this video player.

This media player supports all subtitle formats and arranges audio, video, and music according to sections. By navigating the function, this media player supports all audio and video formats, you may even watch material online as well.

In Essence

Choosing the right media player for Android devices is important to ensure a seamless and enjoyable multimedia experience. Other than your default media players, these third-party video player apps have versatility, unique features, and user-friendliness. Be it VLC Media Player, MX Player, Kodi, HD Video Player All Format, etc., have their own features and functionalities to enhance your viewing experience.

Lastly, the best media player for Android devices depends on your specific preferences and requirements. However, experimenting with these media players can enhance your viewing experience and ensure your smartphone serves as a versatile and reliable entertainment hub.

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