February 15, 2022

Best Skins for TEC-9 in Counter-Strike

As most CS:GO players know, one of the most attractive things about this game is its weapon fetish. No matter if you are a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, you want to make your weapon recognizable. Though it doesn’t give you any in-game advantage, it looks great when you’re streaming, plus it makes it easy to tell it’s you from a glance. So, let’s look at the best skins for the popular TEC 9 CS:GO exclusive.

What Is the TEC-9?

Based on a semi-automatic pistol that is popular among Swedish criminals, the TEC-DC9 has logically become a terrorists’ exclusive in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s one of the most powerful pistols in the game. Even a helmet won’t save your opponent from a headshot if you’re armed with a TEC-9.

In reality, it’s quite easily customizable, so it’s often been remade into a fully automatic. In the game, this feature was present once before (why shouldn’t terrorists break the law one more time?), but then it was removed. Now it’s semi-automatic, with an 18-round capacity (initially it had 32). The downside is it’s hard to use while moving, and its accuracy is wanting. Still, if you find a cover, you can bring your team some heads with it. The TEC-9 rarely appears among the best or the most popular weapons. On the other hand, this SAP becomes a master’s choice.

What Does a Skin Offer?

Speaking of pure force and accuracy, new skin will not change a thing. And as you can’t save weapons in your profiles and buy them each time you enter a game, you won’t benefit in combat either. On the other hand, skin will make you stand out. From a first-person perspective, the weapon you are holding characterizes you.

Skins may be bought directly or arrive in boxes you can buy. Periodically, Valve releases new boxes that contain community-made cosmetic items. Some of these skins are there more often than others, which means that you might be lucky and find some that are rare. These rare ones are, in fact, the most expensive in the game. But buying one makes it beautiful and, at the same time, shows your teammates you’re serious about CS:GO. Each skin also has its flavor text, a militant phrase related to its appearance.

The skins are not forever, though. Mind the float: this parameter shows how used in battles this particular skin is. The appearance changes with the float as the paint wears off; most skins look better in the Factory New state, though some benefit from a high float rate. This parameter doesn’t change from usage.

Where to Buy Skins and How Much Do They Cost?

CS:GO is powered by Steam. Above all, it means that the market where in-game content is bought and sold should be officially supported by Steam. So is DMarket, one of the biggest in-game item markets, powered by blockchain technologies. Skins are sold as an NFT, so when you buy a skin, you can be sure no one else has the same one. Along with items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it features content for Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Rust, Life Beyond, and other games. It also has special merchandise sections featuring NaVi, Maincast, and DMarket itself.

As the store is authorized by Steam, as well as the game, you will need to enter your Steam credentials. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access your purchase under your account. If you have multiple accounts, make sure to choose the right one.

The Best Skins for the TEC-9

So, let’s look at the skins that players adore the most. The price is the starting factor; if the skin was exclusive and not available in boxes anymore, its price rises. It also depends on the float: the lower it is, the higher the price can go. All of the options below are case skins, found in weapon containers or cases.

1. Nuclear Threat ($6.38). It looks the most menacing among all the skins, despite its style that reminds us rather of gaming peripherals players use. At high levels of wear, the paint wears off, but the look doesn’t suffer.

2. Decimator ($4.34). Given its bright purple and blue colors and aggressive style, this one is very valuable among players. It looks great at any float rate.

3. Fuel Injector ($1.39). The pistol resembles a real fuel injector in this skin, with its yellow and black colors. This one still can be found, so it’s not that expensive.

4. Isaac ($0.44). This aggressive red skin is noticeable and looks as if taken from another futuristic franchise.

5. Bamboozle ($0.19). Going all green can help with camouflaging too, especially Battle-Scarred and darker than new. This isn’t the most expensive skin, though it’s valued more than others.

6. Red Quartz ($0.11). This skin indeed imitates the mineral, at least, above the barrel. It is rather popular, though it doesn’t generate really expensive exclusives, no matter what the float is.

7. Sandstorm ($0.10). Another camouflaged skin that looks great in various environments – that is, it doesn’t show or catch anyone’s eye. A weapon that won’t make you noticeable is great for real combat. Not so much for streaming through.

8. Snek-9 ($0.09). This camouflage is as snakelike as its name. It reveals a dangerous and cool fighter… if you are one.

9. Ice Cap ($0.07). The ice-cold blue style can make you more stylish (if you consider it necessary in a tactical game). Well, anyway it looks ice cool.

10. Cracked Opal ($0.05). It’s one of the most available skins for this weapon, the one that won’t hit your pocket with the bullet force of a TEC-9. Camouflage style fits the very idea of this weapon.

11. Urban DDPAT ($0.03). A monochrome pixeled skin that is hard to tell from afar, and with TEC-9, you are not supposed to get too close.

These eleven skins are the most valuable for TEC-9. You can have all of them and change them periodically, right within your CS:GO or Steam account.

Legal Skin Trade

The prices you have seen listed for the top TEC-9 skin list are the current starting ones. This means that there are more expensive items out there. Most of all, the price depends on the float, but it’s the seller who sets the price according to their wishes. Sometimes worn-out items cost more than almost-new ones.

Have you ever bought any skins or cosmetic items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Do you feel how the game gets better with them, or are you satisfied with the default customization options? If so, did you do it on Steam, DMarket, or elsewhere? Let’s talk about skins on CS:GO, and tell interesting stories and facts in the comments!

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