October 28, 2016

6 Best Free Sleep Tracking Apps For Andriod and iOS

Sleep is the phase where the person reaches the relaxation mode and can be active immediately after a sound sleep. Having a good night’s sleep is very important. Getting your much deserved sleep in today’s modern world is like a dream. Studies show that sleeping less than five hours a night increases the risk of death. Sleeping less can impact our memory, concentration, health, safety, sex life and longevity.

According to studies adults should have 8 hours of sleep a day, but most Americans report an average of 6 hours. Thanks to technology, you can now download apps that can help you sleep better. Did you ever track your sleep? Fortunately we have few sleeping apps to track our sleep therapy and lucid dreaming tools which gives you a sufficient sleep and makes you fresh and ready for the next day.


There are many factors that effects the sleeps. Sometimes, your mattress too can be the problem for your poor quality of sleep. Investing in a good mattress can help solve a number of health issues such as back pain, neck and shoulder. You can have a look at websites such as mattress-inquirer.com to know about the best mattresses that are available

Here is the few collection of Best Sleep Apps which are at free of cost.

1. Sleep Bot


SleepBot is the app which is free of cost for both Android and IOS which tracks the sleep timings followed by you. It uses your smartphones accelerometer. You can fix an alarm and fix a time range to wake up. It also let you know the smart sleeping habits.

2. Sleep Time +


Sleep Time+ is the another best app for IOS users. Its tracks the iPhone sensors which measures the quality of your sleep. It sets the alarm which lets you have a sound sleep. Sleep Time+ allows you to set alarm and track the sleep. It has a other good feature to help you sleep and HealthKit integration with soundscapes

3. Pzizz


Pzizz is the sleeping app which is the combination of music, sound effects and beats with adjustable volume levels to make it soothing to listen,  to make you out of stress and make you energetic. There is a huge collection of audio elements which makes the tune unique every time

4. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis


Instead of going for sleeping pills you can have this Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis app on your device which makes the users relax by trying meditation. It guides you the meditation and hypnosis tracks which are designed in such a way that the user slips into sleep immediately. One with the sound and deep sleep can make the next day more productive than a sleepless night.

5. Awoken (Android) (Free)


Awoken enables the person in sleep to make reality checks to boost the awareness of their state of dream. This helps the person to reach the lucid dreaming state where a person will be aware of that they are in a dream. After that Awoken using the audio clips trains the person in making reality checks. It also enables you to log the dream impressions. These impressions are filtered as per the requirement i.e., date or tagging by content etc.,

6. Lucid Dreamer (Android, iOS) (Free)


Lucid Dreamer is the app which is free of cost for both Android and iOS. This enables the user to reach the lucid dreaming state by the pre installed audio clips which further helps the user to make a reality check. There are lot more options if we go for the in-app purchase.

Hope these apps helps you to have a great sleep. Ensure that you do not compromise on sleep at any cost. If you sleep well, you are sure to face the day on a positive note.

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