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Graphic designing is the visual communication that is mainly used to communicate ideas through visual concepts, ideas, and software to impress consumers. It is basically the process of problem-solving through the use of illustration, photography, and typography. Graphic designers develop the layout, and they design brochures, wedding cards, and marketing posters by using graphic designing software. They create visual compositions by using different layout and designing techniques. The graphic design field is specifically considered to communicate through visuals and design. Mainly used applications of graphic designing are logos and branding, editorial design, wayfinding design, and communication design.


A graphic designer is the one who is professional in graphic designing and in the art industry who can assemble images, typography, illustration to create images and design. The main responsibility of the graphic designers is to visually communicate through the design and can present information in a memorable way.

Graphic designers used various designing software for typography, art, illustration, iconography, and motion graphics. There are several graphic designing software available on the internet through which graphic designers able to manage their art and designs.

Here is the list of some of the best graphic designing software’s:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is known as the best graphic designing software worldwide. It gives the amazing platform to graphic designers by providing the best features like page layers, channel mixing, perspective correction, and color arrangements. This designing software is best for professionals as well as beginners. It comes with the best options like:

  • Blemish removal
  • Cropping, adjusting, rotating, and flipping.
  • Slide controls for color management
  • Borders
  • 3-D designing
  • RAW photo
  • High-resolution support
  • Mobile integration
  • Selection tools
  • Brushing
  • Texture painting
  • Background designing


GIMP is considered one of the best graphic design software alternatives to Photoshop. It is ideal for not just designers but for photographers as well. Its tools make the designers flexible to design images. This software will provide you with the best features as well. Being a competitive designing software in the market, it has a strong support community. It runs on OS, Windows, and Linux as well.

Here are some of the premium features of GIMP:

  • Noise reduction
  • Curves
  • Filters
  • Auto enhancement tools
  • Color tools
  • Imaging tools
  • Gradients
  • Animation package

GIMP has not all extensive tools, but it is easy to use. It comes with single windows usage.


When graphic designers want to create logos, sketches, typography, or videos for mobiles, they make the use of this well-known software called Adobe Illustrator. Without an illustrator, designing could never be faster. You can create the best logos and icons by using the best features of Adobe Illustrator. Amazing thing is that what makes Illustrator best for graphic designers is the creative cloud feature, which makes it an ideal software. The best features of Adobe Illustrator are as under:

  • Touch-type tool
  • Access Adobe assets
  • Snap to pixel capability
  • Perfect designs
  • File packaging
  • Color transformation
  • CSS tool
  • Templates and presets

The price of Adobe Illustrator is higher than other designing software, but it provides the user with the best and premium features.

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