September 2, 2021

Best WorldStarHipHop Website Alternatives

If you’re a hip-hop fan, then you’re probably familiar with the website known as WorldStarHipHop. In fact, you probably watch cool and inspiring videos related to hip-hop from there. However, where do you go if you’ve already watched most of the videos there and want something new? Or perhaps the site is down but you want to check out hip-hop videos? In such cases, you’d probably want to check other sites, but where do you go?

That’s what we’re going to tackle today in this article; we’ll be listing down some of the best alternatives to WorldStarHipHop so that you have access to fantastic hip-hop videos at all times.

What Is WorldStarHipHop?

For a little context, WorldStarHipHop is a highly popular website made for all those who love hip-hop. The site was founded back in 2005, and most of its audience is composed of teens. In fact, WorldStarHipHop is so renowned that for 3 consecutive years, it was voted as the “top hip hop and urban culture website” by BET.

HipHop DX

The first on our list is HipHop DX. It’s a must-try for every hip-hop lover out there, as it’s full of interviews, album reviews, gossip, and everything else under the sun. As long as it’s related to hip-hop, you’ll most likely find it here. Even though it could do better in terms of funny or amusing content, those who enjoy gossip and updates will surely have a blast here.

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Another site for juicy gossip within the hip-hop community is AllHipHop; even if you don’t like gossip that much, however, it’s still worth checking out because you’ll be informed about the latest life updates and news surrounding your favorite hip-hoppers. AllHipHop is a trustworthy site when it comes to the news it provides, so much so that renowned publications like New York Post, CNN, Complex, XXL, and more get information from here.


VLADTV is your one-stop destination for all things hip-hop. On this site, you’ll find the latest hip-hop news, music, exclusives, lists, and more. Not only that, this site has a wide collection of entertaining videos you can watch. If you want to remain up-to-date in the hip-hop community, then VLADTV is the site to go.


If you’re more interested in the funny side of things, you should definitely check out Poppin!Media. This site is a wonderful alternative to WorldStarHipHop, especially since it has quite a lot of information about hip-hop dancers, their lifestyle, the latest news about them, and more. The only downside is that Poppin!Media’s site lags every now and then, but it’s not bad enough that you won’t want to check it out.

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Last but not least, XXLMag stands out among the rest of the websites listed above because it’s considered more of an online journal than anything else. However, it’s chock-full of information regarding hip-hop, so you’ll still be able to collect quite a lot of interesting news from here. If you’re fond of reading magazines, then don’t miss out on XXLMag.


WorldStartHipHop is a wonderful site to go to as a hip-hop lover, but if you’re looking for other options, check any one of the alternatives we’ve listed above. These sites care a lot about hip-hop and its culture, so you’ll be able to learn alot.

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