February 15, 2021

Bio Mutant – The Release Finally Around the Corner

Gaming isn’t limited to PC anymore. It can now be played on consoles and mobile phones. It’s no more a hobby but a full-fledged trend. Especially during the times of COVID-19 when people were looking for good activities to kill time, gaming has been a great option for many.

It won’t be wrong to say that playing games is a workout for the mind disguised in fun. Some games take the market by storm while others fail to make the mark. New games are being released every now and then, and gamers can’t keep their calm! One of the upcoming games that gamers are eagerly waiting for is the Bio Mutant. It is a role-playing game the hype around Bio Mutant has been building around for a long time

Experiment 101 shared a new set of gameplay and information in mid-2020, and now, at last, we have got the release date for Bio Mutant.

This blog is dedicated to the much-awaited Bio Mutant. Let’s dive into it right away!

Release Date

Bio Mutant is all set to be launched on May 25th, 2021 on Steam. It would be also available on PS4 and Xbox. Bio Mutant was all set to be released in 2019, but due to some mishaps, the launch got delayed a little too long. The developers then announced that they will reveal the release date as soon as everyone at the studio would feel confident about hitting the date, and in January 2021, the final release date was revealed.

The developers started working on Bio Mutant in 2015 when the former established the developing company named Experiment 101. They have been accepting the pre-orders for the game, as people are eagerly waiting for its release. The delay in the game has also made the gamers impatient and they can’t wait for more for the game to be released.

The Trailer Of The Game

From the trailer of the game, it can be assumed that the game is a mash-up of Kung-Fu-centric cinematic with animals. The game gives an idea of how the world has changed and would keep changing through the passage of time. The trailer of the game has given some glimpses of the diverse fighting styles that are seen in Kung-Fu and Gun-Fu. The locations shown in the trailers are extremely terrifying and exciting and home to hostile creatures. The landscapes found in the game is a treat to the gamers’ eyes as it is seamlessly attractive and exciting. The trailer refers to the vast array of distinguished weapons like using an oversized toothbrush as a weapon for combat. It also gave glimpses of the vehicles that would be used in Bio Mutant.


A new set of gameplay includes a lot of enemy encounters and combats. There are distinguished types of monsters introduced in Bio Mutant with brightly-colored huge teeth that make them even more interesting. You can spot your favorite characters by using different vehicles such as a submarine, Jet Ski, and a glider for flying through the sky.

What Kind Of Game Is It?

Experiment 101 officially describes that Bio Mutant has tremendous gameplay. New armor and weapons are made through a deep crafting system. The demos of the gameplay have been very appraising so far.

What Is Bio Mutant’s Story?

Bio Mutant has a very unique and amazing take on post-apocalyptic worlds. Bio Mutant’s world has been completely destroyed by an oil flood that sprout out from the ground. Experiment 101 has emphasized particularly that the choice your cat makes has a huge impact on the whole story.

Insight Into the Game

Bio Mutants have put the genetics of raccoon-like avatars and have recoded their genetic structure to control and change how they look. They have represented how your characters change and handle along with your strengths and weaknesses. You can customize your own characters. When players go on their adventures and expeditions, their creatures will mutate and would reflect on their journey and would control differently.

Bio Mutant is billed as Kung-Fu table and it seamlessly reflects that. The developers have particularly paid attention to player freedom. In the progression systems, players get a chance to develop new skills from the characters and this ensures that players always have another upgrade to look forward to achieving.

Bio Mutant gives the players full freedom to craft their own weapons. The parts can be mixed and matched and can be customized and players can modify their arsenal with the items they find in the game scenes by completing different quests for specific characters. Bio Mutant has some really interesting tasks, making it super engaging.

The key objective of the game is to defeat enemies by defeating different tribes. This makes the game more challenging and exciting. The new Bio Mutant world looks extremely captivating and stunning and has a lot of updates. The post-apocalyptic universe has been indulged with a lot of bright colors and palette which makes it even more exciting. The open-world location types are extremely varied and have different locations to explore and discover and to make new buddies and damp underground tunnels to lush green landscapes. It helps the game looking pretty which will attract gamers and would compel them to play.

Bio Mutant has been on the gamers’ list for a long time. During the developing phase of the game, a lot of random spurts of news were spread and a layer of curiosity was spread among the gamers.

The developers are mainly focusing on the core game, which was made priory on last-gen consoles. Till now, it does not have next-gen versions on PS5 and many other devices but as soon as the developing team completes their amendments in the game, they will work on expanding the versions to be compatible with newer consoles and devices. People are eagerly waiting for Bio Mutant, and you must be waiting for it too. Till it releases, keep surfing about the game and grasp all of the possible techniques and tricks that you’ll need to win the combats.

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