November 28, 2023

Biography of Xavier Hernández Creus

Soccer is one of the most significant sports in the world. Its fans are spread across different geographical locations. These fans not only love the sport but also the ones who are playing it. Different teams have different players who have unique and advanced skills. One such soccer player is Xavi Hernandez Creus. His journey is an incredible one, and you might be surprised to get more insights. Do you know what is the most extraordinary thing about Xavi? His height is only 5’6”, and therefore, he is referred to as the shortest soccer player. Even though he has a short height, he is the best player of all time. It is a myth that shorter soccer players aren’t that good at playing it. Xavi’s performance is proof that height doesn’t matter at all. Apart from him, there are other players as well. However, this article is all about Xavi and his contribution to the exciting game of soccer.

If you’re a fan of this player, you might be eager to learn everything about his life. You can refer to this article to get deeper details. This way, you can comprehend how he became one of the most brilliant players in today’s time. 

How Xavi Hernández Creus Became A Renowned Soccer Player?

Every sports player’s journey varies, and many factors contribute to the same. Xavi’s journey to becoming a popular player is also impressive. Here, you can explore his biography in brief. 

Birth And Early Life 

He was born on 25th January 1980 in Terressa. It is located in Spain. Joaquim, his father, was a retired team member of Sabadell. Besides, his sibling, Oscar, is a player and manager in the same field. Overall, his family was so much into this sport. It was one of the reasons why he got inspired to become a professional soccer player and he did complete his goal.

Xavi used to watch football matches when he was small. By watching them, he gained a sense of enthusiasm for the sport. Well, passion has the power to make anyone successful. He followed the same path without looking back. 

Beginning Of A Brilliant Career 

He was passionate about soccer when he was a little kid.  So, once he turned 11, he became a part of FC Barcelona. As he was pretty young then, he was a member of the youth squad. The good part was that this division was close to his hometown. 

During this period, he experienced many ups and downs. But ultimately, he succeeded in every task and aced at playing soccer. He got many ranks at the junior level because of his excellent performance. After some time, he got a chance to make his first debut. It happened in the year 1998. The first season was lucky for him as his team, Barcelona, won the championship. It was a great victory and boosted his career in many ways. 

La Liga Title

In the 2004-2005 season, his team won the La Liga title. This period was substantial for him as he was the vice-captain. It contributed to getting such a big achievement. He also got the title of Liga Spanish Player of the Year. Numerous accomplishments made the way for him to build a victorious career. 

Then comes the next season, which was held between 2005 and 2006. Unfortunately, he had a knee injury during the training period. It halted his practice for almost four months. He hoped to become better to be able to participate in the season. Once the four-month period was over, he became better but not fully fit to play in the league. Instead of playing, he became a substitute for the time being to support his team. 

Barcelona again showed its charm by winning the Champions League Final. The overall match with Arsenal was pretty exciting as both the teams were perfect. Xavi and his team won La Liga as well as Supercopa De España once again. It was not just his contribution, but that of other players, too. They were capable of pushing it to greater heights together. For Xavi, it was everything he could achieve in his dreams. 

Champions League 2009

Xavi wanted to change his club, Bayern Munich, for the better. But his coach explained the cons of doing the same. He was one of the best-performing players in the club. So the coach didn’t want him to leave. Finally, he decided to stay to give his best as long as he was the part. A series of winnings came forward once again. And the biggest accomplishment was the Champions League 2009. The opponent team was Manchester United. The entire team played well against it and was able to score 2-0 to win the title. Xavi’s contribution to this tournament was promising as well. With time, he showed his hidden skills of aiming the football for goals.  


In 2014, after so many wins, Xavi decided to quit the club. This need was spreading quickly across the world. His fans were a bit anxious as to what would happen next. Luis Enrique was the new manager of the club. He was also a former team member. He had brief discussions with Xavi regarding the quitting decision. 

Somehow, the manager convinced him to stay for the next season, too. He also became the captain once Carles Puyol retired. Fans were happy with this decision, and they continue to support him for his upcoming tournaments. In 2015, Barcelona became the winner of the Champions League. Until then, they had already won a total of five trophies. Xavi made so many records by showing the best performance in all the matches. People became more fond of him day by day. 


Xavi decided to retire on 2nd May 2019. His final match was with Persepolis and the team won it by 2-0. It was a memorable one for Xavi’s fans. He continues to be a part of the team by being the coach. 

Concluding Thoughts

Xavi’s biography teaches various lessons not just for sports enthusiasts but also for those who are looking to accomplish something in their careers. His unrelenting passion for soccer made him the finest player in the world.

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